in contempt

in contempt (of court)

showing disrespect for a judge or courtroom procedures. The bailiff ejected the lawyer who was held in contempt. The judge found the juror in contempt of court when she screamed at the attorney.
See also: contempt
References in classic literature ?
He held the licensing law in contempt, and to show his contempt he published Areopagitica without a license and without giving the printer's or bookseller's name.
I replied carelessly, and partly in contempt, mentioned the names of my alchemists as the principal authors I had studied.
The court accepting the request withdrew bailable arrest warrants and directed CEO to appear before the court in contempt petition, on June 5.
There are many uncertainties and inconsistencies in contempt of court in Malaysia.
Meanwhile Supreme Court served contempt notices to cabinet division and NAB in contempt case against ex-OGRA chairman.
Judge Chamberlain Haller: If I hear anything other than "guilty" or "not guilty," you'll be in contempt.
In 2009, Judge Folsom held EchoStar in contempt for violating his injunction.
Summary: A defendant who was acquitted in a case in which a juror contacted her via Facebook, has been found to be in contempt at the high court.
he court also reserved its decision on employing the assistance of the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) and presidents of the provincial bar associations in contempt proceedings.
You wouldn't want your clients engaging in contempt prior to examination.
Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit ruled that an officer of a Michigan company could be held in contempt of court for the business's lack of compliance with a court order, even though the officer had not been subject to any legal action, such as a lawsuit or indictment, as an individual.
The Ontario Court of Appeal's June 10th decision to make same-sex marriage effective immediately is clearly in contempt of Parliament, in contempt of its Judicial Committee, and in contempt of the normal judicial procedure to give Parliament time to amend statutes found unconstitutional.
Corn's failure to comply with the subpoena could be deemed contempt of court, and ordered him to show cause why he should not be held in contempt.
The ACLU has asked Coffman to find the counties in contempt of court.