in conjunction with

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in conjunction with (someone or something)

Jointly with someone or something; in tandem with someone or something. The tax changes are coming into effect in conjunction with several relief schemes for lower-income families. The director worked in conjunction with numerous psychologists to faithfully portray the disorder. My wife and I illustrate and write our books in conjunction with each other.
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in conˈjunction with

(formal) together with: The police are working in conjunction with tax officers on the investigation.The system is designed to be used in conjunction with a word processing program.
See also: conjunction
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1996 REEBOK SPORT CHALLENGE in conjunction with Scholastic Coach
These expectations apparently prime them to shape UFO episodes out of ambiguous events or unusual physical sensations that most often occur at night and in conjunction with a dream or sleep, the investigators contend.
This program is being presented in conjunction with Affiliated FM Insurance Company, a member company of the FM Global Group, and a leading property insurer and loss prevention expert.
The tools used by companies like e^deltacom are generally home-grown scripts based on trace-route and ping (ICMP-based applications that use TCP fundamentals like the Time-To-Live variable in packets to discover routes and the condition of network elements) to probe the Internet, usually in conjunction with synthetic traffic-based probes from companies like Keynote.
The Mercury plugin utilized in conjunction with REALTrans will automate a number of processes lenders and investors perform manually today in collecting and routing appraisal reports throughout the enterprise and loan process.