in cahoots

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in cahoots (with someone)

Rur. in conspiracy with someone; in league with someone. The mayor is in cahoots with the construction company that got the contract for the new building. Those two have been in cahoots before.
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in cahoots (with somebody)

working secretly with someone She was in cahoots with this guy who was smuggling drugs across the border.
Usage notes: usually said about doing something dishonest
See also: cahoots
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He reiterated the allegation that the ECP was in cahoots with Pakistan Muslim League-N in 'fixing the match'.
ISLAMABAD -- Senator Raza Rabbani has accused government of being in cahoots with TTP, while ANP senator Zahid Khan wanted clarification over interior minister's claim that court judge had been killed accidentally by his own guard.
A GOVERNMENT minister yesterday demanded evidence to support claims that Customs officials were in cahoots with a diesel "mafia" which was smuggling Bahraini diesel out of the country.
The humiliating climbdown left the Lib Dem leader with nothing to show from two years in cahoots with the Tories as his plans for an elected Upper House crumbled to dust.
In cahoots with producer of the moment FRASER T SMITH, Leona hopes to release it in the New Year and tour Europe and the US at the end of 2012.
We are now subject to getting on for a quarter of a million EU laws and regulations gleefully implemented by Whitehall enarques in cahoots with their comrades in Brussels.
THE new smear is that Alex Salmond and Scotland are in cahoots with Iran.
The report contained some good news, in that there is little evidence terrorists and pirate syndicates are in cahoots.
Apparently, this vertically-challenged guy was in cahoots with the whole bar, as the entire crowd of people followed as Machnau and the midget were being dragged out the door.
I think they're all in cahoots,'' said Anna Marie Richard of Granada Hills.
Second, the Administration was in cahoots with Aristide's opponents for some time.
Your heart gets in cahoots with your brain, and a natural chemistry with some boy turns into crushability.
A publisher risks losing his credibility by running overt ads, because people might think we were in cahoots with [intelligence agencies].
With this gig by veteran fusionists In Cahoots, Ty's is entering a new phase of booking bands from the national circuit.
Is The Cheesecake Factory in cahoots with Lane Bryant or what?