in awe

in awe (of someone or something)

fearful and respectful of someone or something. Everyone in the country was in awe of the king and queen. I love my new car. In fact, I'm in awe of it.
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in awe (of somebody/something)

admiring someone or something very much I was a kid during World War II, and I was in awe of the guys who flew these planes.
See also: awe
References in classic literature ?
In the next, that wild figure they saw(As if stung by a spasm) plunge into a chasm, While they waited and listened in awe.
writes word that she could not get the young lady to assign any cause for her extraordinary conduct, which confirms me in my own previous explanation of it, Frederica is too shy, I think, and too much in awe of me to tell tales, but if the mildness of her uncle should get anything out of her, I am not afraid.
I felt at once his deliberateness and personal dignity, and was a little in awe of him.
They were unspeakably holy, and worked miracles, and everybody stood in awe of them.
She was held in awe by the whole realm, for she had made everybody believe she was a great sorceress.
The more powerful members, instead of being kept in awe and subordination, tyrannized successively over all the rest.
I could scarcely gasp in his presence, my heart bounded so in awe and honor of him when he paid a visit to us; perhaps he used to bring the copy of the show-bills.
Jemima was rather in awe of the collie; she told him the whole story.
Siemens has taken part in AWE for many years, witnessing the growth of AWE to one of the three largest international appliance and electronics exhibitions, which also proves that it's an excellent choice for Siemens to cooperate with AWE
While interacting with US swimmer and atheist Diana Nyad on her show 'Soul to Soul', the talk show Queen asked Nyad if she was not a God person, then why was she still deeply in awe of the universe like she had told the show's producers, the Independent reported.
The Merseyside defenders were also in awe of the rampaging Drogba, who's surely put a stop to any questions concerning his hunger at Chelsea.
Tony Czarnecki remembers a young boy just getting into baseball who would come into his Canoga Park sporting goods store in awe of his older brother who was already a star in the West Hills Little League program.
And rather than seeing only threats when we witness the blessings received by unorthodox seekers, we should fall on our knees in awe and gratitude that the Spirit so longs to connect with us that she will seek us out in whatever dark alley we might have strayed.
Or in awe that feels like true fear, we wonder at the power of storms in places of warm winters.