in accordance with

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in accordance with something

in agreement with something; in conformity with something. In accordance with our discussion, I have prepared a contract. I did this in accordance with your request.
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Then that part of the soul which has an opinion contrary to measure is not the same with that which has an opinion in accordance with measure?
She had chosen the moment before bed, when, in accordance with their bourgeois habit, she always dispensed drinks to the men.
The Lovell Mingotts had sent out cards for what was known as "a formal dinner" (that is, three extra footmen, two dishes for each course, and a Roman punch in the middle), and had headed their invitations with the words "To meet the Countess Olenska," in accordance with the hospitable American fashion, which treats strangers as if they were royalties, or at least as their ambassadors.
However, dismissed workers must be pardoned in accordance with royal recommendations if the layoffs were due to absence from work on suspicion of the workers' participation in strikes or sit-ins or unlicenced protests or for any reason lacking evidence.
The agreement should explicitly state that you bear no liability if the agreement is terminated or not renewed in accordance with its terms.
The corporation must otherwise qualify as an S corporation in accordance with the provisions of Sec.
public company's financial statements prepared in accordance with U.
Medical records must be maintained and made accessible in accordance with state regulatory requirements and physician office policy regarding confidentiality.
28) The draft suggests that the taxpayer's process of setting its transfer pricing should be determined in accordance with "the same prudent management principles that would govern the process of evaluating a business decision of a similar level of complexity and importance.
In accordance with new guidelines, the Bureau of Reclamation was issued the required discharge permit limiting effluent pollutant levels.
Stress-strain properties were carried out in a Zwick-1445 in accordance with ASTM D-412 and D-624 respectively.
The non-GAAP adjustments outlined above are intended to supplement the presentation of the company's financial results in accordance with GAAP.
Contract Awarded for Forestry and Water Affairs Istanbul Branch Miscellaneous Nature Park To Under Its Responsibility Panel Fence Facility and the Existing Old Embracing They Removed the Places Moved Jobs To Show the Administration in Accordance with the Technical Specification Construction Work.
Those who agree that the Rab Al-Adaweya and Al-Nahda sit-ins were not peaceful, also agree on the need to have broken them up using force, in a way that was in accordance with legal precepts and human rights laws.
The statement further said that "India supports freedom of navigation in international waters, including in the South China Sea, and the right of passage in accordance with accepted principles of international law.