impute to

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impute something to someone or something

to ascribe something to someone or something; to attribute something to someone or something. I didn't mean to impute a bad intention to your company. The lawyer imputed perjury to the witness.
References in classic literature ?
But that she may impute to us any harshness or want of politeness, let us tell her that there is an ancient quarrel between philosophy and poetry; of which there are many proofs, such as the saying of `the yelping hound howling at her lord,' or of one `mighty in the vain talk of fools,' and `the mob of sages circumventing Zeus,' and the `subtle thinkers who are beggars after all'; and there are innumerable other signs of ancient enmity between them.
More importantly, what significance did teachers impute to their activity, and how shall we, today, understand it?