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impute something to someone or something

to ascribe something to someone or something; to attribute something to someone or something. I didn't mean to impute a bad intention to your company. The lawyer imputed perjury to the witness.
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Bloomfield, who, I well knew, would impute all the blame of the matter to me.
Wilt thou impute to obedience what thy fear Extorts, or pleasure to do ill excites?
But that she may impute to us any harshness or want of politeness, let us tell her that there is an ancient quarrel between philosophy and poetry; of which there are many proofs, such as the saying of `the yelping hound howling at her lord,' or of one `mighty in the vain talk of fools,' and `the mob of sages circumventing Zeus,' and the `subtle thinkers who are beggars after all'; and there are innumerable other signs of ancient enmity between them.
We impute deep-laid far- sighted plans to Caesar and Napoleon; but the best of their power was in nature, not in them.
But, as I argued, the assumption that we can impute responsibility for compensation to theoretical constructions like corporations prior to and independently of imputing responsibility to their individual members, is not tenable.
Murphy pointed out that this is not the case with the Catholic Church which has many distinct corporations to which it would be unfair to impute any guilt or liability for harm in which they had no part.
The appeals court held that mere knowledge that an inmate is behaving violently or "acting in a 'freaky' manner" is not sufficient to impute an awareness of a substantial risk of suicide for Eighth Amendment purposes.
The headlines expressly impute mental illness to Stewart.
As I will show, if modern rental price of capital theory is used to impute a rental price to owner-occupied housing, the nature of the financing and the tax situation of the owner are part of the commodity's definition and its imputed price.
The school boards' view, she said, is that ``You can't impute the actions of a kid to the school district.
METHODS: We have presented the likelihood function for a bivariate normal distribution taking into account values < LOD as well as missing data assumed missing at random, and we use the estimated distributional parameters to impute values < LOD and to generate multiple plausible data sets for analysis by standard statistical methods.
2004) explicitly examined this issue with respect to state survey estimates of health insurance coverage, finding that the process used by the Census Bureau to impute missing insurance data in the ASEC biases the state estimates of uninsurance.
Also, trial courts routinely impute income to a mischievous spouse to correct the intentional manipulation of income.
Improvements in the method used to impute values were implemented in the March 2006 index, along with other changes--including the switch in industry classification from the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) to the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), and the switch from the Occupational Classification System (OCS) to the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC).
If you provide employer paid life insurance in excess of $50,000 for any individual, you must impute income on the value of the benefit that exceeds $50,000.