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imprison someone in something

to lock someone up in something. The authorities imprisoned him in a separate cell. Bob imprisoned Timmy in the closet for an hour.
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I can't overcome my desire, but I hate it; it imprisons my spirit; I look forward to the time when I shall be free from all desire and can give myself without hindrance to my work.
We may think of one another now as dangerous fanatics or narrow bigots, with whom no truce is possible, from whom we shall only sever more and more to the end of our lives, whom it would be our respective duties to imprison or hang, if we had the power.
Those who have sufficient power usually imprison or put to death any one who tries to shake their faith in their own excellence or in that of the universe; it is for this reason that seditious libel and blasphemy have always been, and still are, criminal offences.
Who could wonder now at the brute-restlessness of the wretch's life--at his desperate alternations between abject duplicity and reckless violence--at the madness of guilty distrust which had made him imprison Anne Catherick in the Asylum, and had given him over to the vile conspiracy against his wife, on the bare suspicion that the one and the other knew his terrible secret?
Every now and then the Emperor imprisons a man who is suspected of the crime of being rich, and makes things so uncomfortable for him that he is forced to discover where he has hidden his money.
With the benefit of hindsight it is even more evil, that the international community has allowed Israel, to build a wall around the Gaza strip to imprison the people of Palestine.
Members of Parliament should imprison themselves inside Parliament until white smoke rises," he said.
We are living in an age when anti-state charges and 'terrorist' labels have become the preferred means that governments use to intimidate, detain, and imprison journalists," said CPJ Executive Director Joel Simon.
rainbowbrite I also live within the race boundaries, and please imprison me next year, in fact imprison me twice a year.
The government exploits the public's collective fear as an excuse to persecute and imprison Muslims, political dissidents, and gays and lesbians.
Second is In the Name of the Father, a film about a petty robber from Belfast named Gerry Conlon, whom the British implicate and imprison for an IRA bombing of a pub that kills several people.