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impregnate something with something

1. Lit. to saturate something with something; to penetrate something with some fluid. They impregnated the boards with a wood preservative. The process impregnated the fibers with a bright yellow dye.
2. Fig. to put something negative into something. You have impregnated the entire matter with unpleasantness. The whole scheme has been impregnated with needless flaws.
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Gallup, who works within the university's psychology department, believes that morning sickness is simply caused by the introduction of semen, a foreign substance, in order to impregnate women.
WHEN God told Adam to walk down a valley, cross a bridge, find a cave, and impregnate a woman called Eve, he asked what a valley was, what a bridge was, what a cave was, what a woman was, and what impregnate was.
These studies suggest the potential for resistance against the antimicrobial agents used to impregnate these catheters as their clinical use becomes more widespread.
In 1995, the Legislature eliminated the requirement to show specific intent in cases of great bodily injury, so prosecutors did not have to prove that Woodstock intended to impregnate the girl.
The other team more grandly hopes to use the DNA to clone a mammoth or impregnate an elephant egg with mammoth sperm.
Jobless, he accepts an offer from ex-fiancee turned lesbian Fatima (Kerry Washington) to impregnate her and her girlfriend Alex (Dania Ramirez).