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import something (from something) (into something)

to buy and transport something from a foreign place into a country. We imported the carpets from the Orient into this country. They imported wine into this country from France. I imported this from Germany.
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Whether you're importing or exporting, you have to develop a market strategy, learn the process and regulations, understand the nuances of culture and customs, and be committed to making it work to be successful internationally.
Significant importing of foreign castings into the U.
Strong growers could survive and compete, as they have with the importing of avocados from Chile.
One application for simple DOS text exchange, or data importing, is creating a sales budget by client using your spreadsheet, accounts receivable program and your accounting program's report writer.
The solution will streamline importing from and exporting to over 118 countries by creating a real-time, collaborative and fully standardized trade process.
The growth of China lighting fixtures exports and the role of lighting fixtures importing countries in the world marketplace are considered.
DHL Import Express Online combines DHL's global reach and understanding of importing with a web interface that emphasizes superior customer service and ease of use.
Importing drugs into the UK is highly attractive for several reasons: the relatively high prices of domestically supplied drugs compared with European counterparts makes parallel trade a viable and profitable enterprise; government incentives encourage pharmacists to source and dispense parallel-traded drugs through the clawback scheme; and the legal and regulatory framework to import and redistribute drugs within the EU is centralized in the UK.
Inset maps showing existing LNG exporting and importing countries, future LNG exporting and importing countries as at February 2005, United States importing terminals, Qatar and UAE exporting plants, Chinese importing terminals and Japanese importing terminals
Imports of refrigerators and freezers: ten major importing countries, 1999-2004 trends
Do exporters serving the market in Africa have similar market shares across the importing countries?