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import something (from something) (into something)

to buy and transport something from a foreign place into a country. We imported the carpets from the Orient into this country. They imported wine into this country from France. I imported this from Germany.
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On month on month basis the gold imports in May 2014 registered a decrease of 100 percent when compared to the imports in May, 2013 and April 2014 as no gold was imported during the month due to the ban on import of gold imposed by the government.
He says a dry-cleaning distributor recently imported printed garment bags from China that smelled so strongly of chemicals from solvent-based ink that the bags couldn't be used.
We describe a new and unusual case of imported vivax-malariae malaria.
These liabilities can accrue as far back as five years under the customs statute of limitations, and, under 19 USC Section 1592, might range from 20%-100% of the imported goods' value, even if the goods are duty free.
Imported fiber accounted for 30% of China's papermaking fiber requirements or approximately 11 million metric tons.
Bankruptcies at steelmakers, amalgamation by ferroalloy producers and federal regulations on imported steel have all exerted noticeable changes to raw materials pricing.
April numbers seem to indicate that the flow of imported steel into the U.
Earlier this year, the WTO ruled that the EU's favorable treatment for bananas imported from former European colonies broke its rules.
For example, civil customs penalties may be as high as the domestic value of any imported merchandise.
Although the growth of real expenditures on imported goods and services slowed, to a 4 1/4 percent rate in 1995 from 11 1/2 percent in 1994, imports continued to expand more rapidly than the pace of overall domestic spending.
The new tax is imposed not only on the sale or use by a manufacturer, producer, or importer of any ODC, but also on any product imported into the United States in which an ODC was used as a material in its manufacture or production.
In particular, China imported even a larger number of raw rubbers, of which compound rubber and synthetic rubber quite outnumbered the natural rubber.
Exports, which have a high content of imported input goods, slackened toward the end of last year, thus dampening growth in imports.
The requirements for the imposition of Antidumping Duties on a foreign competitor are that the imported merchandise is being sold in the U.
Mexican growers would need to ensure that the fruit was pest-free, and fruit could be imported only from November to February, when cold weather presumably would freeze out any pests hitching along.