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have bigger fish to fry

To have more important or more interesting things to do or attend to. It's really not worth my time; I've got bigger fish to fry! I want Chris to help me with this project, but he claims he has bigger fish to fry right now.
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have bigger fish to fry

 and have other fish to fry; have more important fish to fry
Fig. to have other things to do; to have more important things to do. I can't take time for your problem. I have other fish to fry. I won't waste time on your question. I have bigger fish to fry.
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milestone in someone's life

 and important milestone in someone's life
a very important event or point in one's life. (From the [former] stone markers at the side of a road showing the distance to or from a place.) Joan's wedding was a milestone in her mother's life. The birth of a child is a milestone in every parent's life.
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Most importantly, the Democrats might have steered themselves toward a sounder alternative to the Bush hawks' policies on Iraq.
Most importantly, Ethernet now offers nominal bandwidth at the same gigabit speed as Fibre Channel, with more aggressive plans to increase it over the next few years.
More importantly, however, they enhance the credibility of EUCOM's HA staff officers with their country team counterparts.
And, most importantly, she won't be able to remember and share all the little closet skeletons that are part of every family's history.
More importantly, a willingness to reach beyond politics, parochial thinking and narrowly defined departmental boundaries is the key to success.
Disability differences, traumatic or developmental, can certainly be understood from an ecological perspective that includes the reality of the physical differences and their adaptive limitations but as importantly their genesis in social and economic environments.
Importantly, this settlement resolves all outstanding litigation between the parties.
More importantly, they have a perceptible mass -- a sense of solidity and depth, visible at key junctions and in window reveals, providing a backdrop for lighter steel elements fixed to the facades.
In reality, as Safty demonstrates, opposition to the Accords cut across wide sections of Egypt's political and intellectual classes, and importantly opposition was not against a peace with Israel per se, but against Sadat's unilateral concessions on Egypt's negotiating principles which required Israeli withdrawal from all occupied Arab territories, restitution of Palestinian national rights, and achievement of a comprehensive peace treaty.
More importantly, the relationship between the police department and the neighborhood has greatly improved.
The results demonstrated that T-cell vaccination was well tolerated and, importantly, induced T-cell regulatory immune responses which collectively correlated with substantial clinical improvement in treated patients.
Monsanto sued Scruggs, bringing claims of patent infringement, conversion and unjust enrichment; importantly, all intentional torts.
More importantly, over the past seven years she has broadened the firm's scope of work and spectrum of clients.
Even though recent Emmy winner Garrett has at least a foot on the Great One in height and a considerably longer face than Gleason's round, pudgy visage, he still manages to convince viewers he's the legendary comic in both looks and, just as importantly, in his vocal inflections and mannerisms.
Just as importantly, Fleet has avoided the major blow-ups that have plagued other high-profile bank purchasers in recent years.