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import something (from something) (into something)

to buy and transport something from a foreign place into a country. We imported the carpets from the Orient into this country. They imported wine into this country from France. I imported this from Germany.
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Import penetration in the importable sector increased markedly in the light manufacturing industries, car assembly, clothing, footwear, plastics and other consumer products.
1], where [Mathematical Expression Omitted] is usually called the "tariff multiplier," following Jones (1969), since any exogenous shock increasing income results in a higher demand for all goods, including importable goods subject to tariffs.
We consider a scenario in which a small economy produces four goods, skilled export good (X), an agricultural export good (Z), one importable good (Y), and an intermediate good (M), which is a nontraded intermediate input used in the skilled export good sector.
To another question, the Minister said presently, only 138 items were importable from India through Wagah land route.
When we teamed up with Media Monitors and learned about their data format, we were not surprised to see that it was already importable into MMS.
Presently, 5-year-old boilers are importable subject to certification by any of the prescribed PSI Companies with respect to safety and remaining life of at least 10 years.
Skilled labour is used to produce an exportable product by sector x and an importable product by sector m.
The conclusion will not be affected if the tariff revenue is measured in units of the importable good instead.
the non agricultural sector (sector 2) produces an imperfect substitute for a foreign importable good.
Other importable merchandises are scientific, medical, optical, measuring and controlling instruments and apparatus, wheat, potato, vegetable and palm oil seeds, crude and refined petroleum, chemical fertilizer, boarding bridge, insecticides and pesticides, road roller, bulldozer, pumps, steel sheet piles and marine diesel engine.
This cyclical sensitivity appears to reflect the nature of demand for importable goods, including import-competing goods produced domestically.
They also blamed the government for categorizing finished rush mats as not subject to the ''safeguard'' import curb and thus importable at low duties.
It involved the willingness of the Americans to import and the willingness of the Australians to supply and market a commodity that was felt to be importable.
Users can choose fonts, sizes and attributes; text and a wide range of importable graphics can be rotated, resized and placed as desired.
Images themselves are importable as bitmaps to other software documentation; the data itself may be exported in formats compatible with most spreadsheet software such as Excel, Lotus and dBase.