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implicate someone (in something)

to suggest that someone is involved in something. The mayor was implicated in the bribery scandal. Jane's essay implicated her teacher in the cheating scandal.
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While speaking to ANI about his time in Saudi Arabia, he said that he was implicated under a false case.
The sons of three of the four ministers, including Erdoy-an's son Bilal, were also allegedly implicated in the corruption.
Israel got Syria implicated by suggesting to the regime that it would represent a safety net for it.
The case definition for this outbreak was a laboratory culture-confirmed SE infection identified in Alberta during October 2010-February 2011 that was epidemiologically linked to the implicated catering firm.
The Australia and New Zealand Group (ASX: ANZ) has stated that it derived no financial gains from the actions of two Singapore traders implicated in the international interest rate fixing scandal.
This is the first time a Bulgarian official explicitly names an organization as being implicated in the attack, although Israel responed promptly by throwing the blame to Hezbollah.
Electricity minister implicated in 27 offences, MP BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Ahrar Bloc MP disclosed today that Electricity Minister Abdul Kareem Aftan will be questioned after Eid holiday, pointing he was implicated in 27 constitutional offences and administrative and financial corruption.
Summary: Katsuya Takahashi, the last suspect implicated in the 1995 Tokyo Sarin gas attacks has been arrested south of the city.
New York City police say a person who's in custody has implicated himself in the death of Etan Patz, the boy whose disappearance 33 years ago on his way to school helped launch a missing children's movement that put kids' faces on milk cartons.
However, Musa Gilani has denied involvement and has said that he is being wrongly implicated.
Roger Johnson had blamed himself for Emmanuel Adebayor's opener but McCarthy said: "He might have been implicated in a small percentage but then there was a lot implicated in a small percentage.
Fair settlement of claims depends too much on chance, and that all implicated drivers and vehicles in an accident will be covered by valid insurance.
A FIFTH man was remanded yesterday for six days after being implicated in the theft of religious artefacts from two Limassol churches.
Manila A witness recanted his testimony which implicated a congressman and two other local government officials in the bombing that almost killed a governor in the southern Philippines last August 5, a local paper said.
Summary: The United Nations will replace more than 200 poll monitors implicated in fraud in Afghanistan's presidential election, U.