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implicate someone (in something)

to suggest that someone is involved in something. The mayor was implicated in the bribery scandal. Jane's essay implicated her teacher in the cheating scandal.
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When Sood refused, she threatened to implicate him in a false rape case," the officer said.
He de scribed the implicate and explicate orders, stating, "The implicate order .
Thus, our study is consistent with more recent reports that implicate fluoroquinolone use as a risk factor for CDAD.
He said most of the juveniles arrested were quick to admit their participation and to implicate others - until their parents interfered.
Blackstock said most of those arrested were quick to admit their participation and to implicate others - until their parents interfered.
The appeals court reversed and remanded, finding that the inmate's claims could conceivably implicate Eighth Amendment concerns.
A number of pseudooutbreaks have been reported that implicate contaminated ice machines.
The district court dismissed the petition, finding that the inmate was not entitled to a prompt hearing on his alleged state parole violation, and the Bureaus consideration of his state detainer did not implicate a protected liberty interest under the due process clause.
The appeals court reversed, finding that the prisoner's thirty day loss of commissary privileges and cell restriction as the result of a disciplinary action did not implicate due process concerns.
Earlier attempts to implicate the same DNA region in schizophrenia achieved mixed results (SN: 11/4/95, p.
Brain-imaging studies of obsessive-compulsive disorder, which often occurs in conjunction with Tourette syndrome, also implicate the caudate nucleus.
And in rapid-fire questioning before the witness could answer, Heuer asked if it was not Hale's goal to raise the stakes and implicate top officials so that Casey would be removed from the investigation and an independent counsel appointed.
The district court held that the handling of the inmate's prison grievances did not implicate his First Amendment right of access to courts.