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upon impact

At the instant physical contact or a collision occurred. The egg smashed upon impact with the cement. No, sir, the pilot died upon impact.
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have an impact on (someone or something)

To affect or influence someone or something. Of course your decision has an impact on me—I'm your wife! Don't worry, your grade on that assignment has very little impact upon your overall grade for the semester.
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impact (up)on (someone or something)

To affect or influence someone or something. Of course your decision impacts on me—I'm your wife! Don't worry, your grade on that assignment won't impact upon your overall grade for the semester.
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have an impact on someone or something

to leave an impression on someone or something. The sharp change in interest rates had an impact on the housing market. Your story really had an impact on me.
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impact (up)on someone or something

[for something] to have an effect on someone or something. (Upon is formal and less commonly used than on.) This plant closing will impact upon the local economy for years to come. The day's troubles impacted on Rachel quite seriously.
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upon impact

Fig. at the place or time of an impact. The car crumpled upon impact with the brick wall. The man who fell from the top of the building died on impact.
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impact on

To have an effect on someone or something: The results of the election will impact on upcoming legislation.
See also: impact, on
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Rampino and Tyler Volk of New York University argued that the structures were all impact craters created at the same time by a string of comets or asteroids.
That effluent is not perfectly clean water, so that's a negative impact,'' he said.
Royaltuf 372P20 SAN-grafted EPDM is a weatherable impact modifier for PC, PC alloys, and SAN.
Many researchers rejected the impact hypothesis from the outset, preferring to stick with previous explanations that blamed the extinctions on volcanic eruptions, changes in sea level, or climate shifts.
E-mail Customization and Automation for Client-Side Exploits That Require Social Engineering--CORE IMPACT 6.
Polybond and Unite grafted polyolefins improve impact and strength properties by chemically coupling glass fiber and other fillers in reinforced PP and PE compounds.
When scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, began formulating the impact hypothesis back in the 1970s, they viewed the bolide strike as an event that would explain the well-known K-T extinctions.
BOSTON -- Core Security Technologies, provider of CORE IMPACT, the first-to-market penetration testing product for assessing specific information security risks, today announced that CORE IMPACT was one of the testing tools used by ICSA Labs, an independent division of Cybertrust, in its network intrusion prevention system (IPS) certification testing.
These polymers also boast excellent room-temperature impact strength (notehed Izod values of 11-12 ft-lb/in.
Hildebrand of the Geological Survey of Canada in Ottawa and his co-workers report in the September GEOLOGY that a circular structure buried deep beneath the Yucatan peninsula appears to be an impact crater of about the right age and size.
Digital Resolve, the authority in transparent risk-based authentication, is helping financial institutions to expedite deployment of its Fraud Analyst risk-based authentication solution through its Zero Impact Installation option, which eliminates the need to directly integrate with web-based banking or other online applications where stronger authentication is needed.
Impact testers are among the first instruments that plastics compounders, extruders, and molders consider when outfitting a lab.
Metablen S weatherable silicone-acrylic impact modifiers for high-performance rigid PVC applications such as sheet, profiles, and injection molding.
In the January/February issue, this column discussed the impact of electronification on the balance sheet and liquidity.
IMPACT received any federal grants to fund the new initiative.