imbue with

imbue someone with something

to indoctrinate someone with something; to build something into someone. I tried to imbue my children with a strong sense of justice. Her thinking and attitudes had been imbued with childhood fears.

imbue somebody/something with something

to fill someone or something with a particular quality or feeling Her poetry was imbued with a love of the outdoors. They seemed more interested in enriching themselves than in imbuing people with the spirit of God.
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Real characters would help instead of the teen-cake mannequins director Jaume Collet-Serra keeps wasting time trying to imbue with personalities (yes, he's a commercials and music video guy).
Tickets to see Imbue with Click and Live Alien Broadcast are available at Ticketmaster and at the door on the day of the show.
Jones's knack for choosing brilliant designers and challenging accompaniments adds emotional resonance, even to unremarkable movement, which his amazing dancers always imbue with breathtaking urgency.