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chemical imbalance

A euphemistic (and possibly derogatory) insinuation of a mental illness or disorder. I think I might have a chemical imbalance or something, I've just not been myself lately. What's wrong with you, do you have some kind of chemical imbalance or something?
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chemically imbalanced

A euphemistic (and possibly derogatory) insinuation of being mentally ill. I think I might be a bit chemically imbalanced, I've just not been myself lately. What's wrong with you, are you chemically imbalanced or something?
See also: imbalance
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However, further multivariate analyses also reveal that no difference in effectiveness between team possessions started at final third and first third when playing against an imbalanced defence at home versus away, whereas counter attack was more effective than elaborate attack when playing against an imbalanced defence at home, but not away.
This food Jesus offers provides life enough for everyone who partakes of it: the mentally imbalanced man, the angry woman, Kara, Ben, you, me.
Spun secondary wires -- wires wrapped together -- encourage the current entering a house to return the way it came instead of jumping to the plumbing to which the electrical systems of most houses are grounded, and creating imbalanced currents and strong magnetic fields.
There is no such thing as imbalanced trade; it's just imbalanced for one industry versus another industry.
He praises the pursuit of a "healthy mix of competing views' on the bench, urging the Senate to prevent the Court from becoming dangerously imbalanced to either the right or the left.
Allergic diseases, including asthma, are believed to be the result of an imbalanced immune response, skewed away from what is known as Th1 in favor of a Th2 response.
ISLAMABAD -- Vice-Chairman Pakistan Bar Council Muhammad Ramzan Chaudhry expressed his concern on the ongoing political situation and unrest in the Country, holding former chief justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry responsible for the same in view of his imbalanced approach and decisions on important political matters/issues during his tenure as Chief Justice of Pakistan.
The campaign they are running is imbalanced and their campaign literature presents a total distortion of the truth.
The regulator said that financial services in rural areas are imbalanced and legislation is needed for more coordinated development of the sector.
They say rat studies indicate an imbalanced diet in the mother can lead to the "silencing" of a gene linked to insulin production in the child.
An imbalanced weight gyratory motor affixed to the housing imparts vibration, causing solid particles to move across the screen and exit through an upper discharge spout, as liquid flows through screen apertures onto a tapered pan and exits through a lower discharge spout.
Assistant Foreign Minister Le Yucheng said that China was still a growing country with imbalanced developments.
Small schemes are expensive and temporary while mega projects have lasting benefits," he said, adding that the annual budget had often been rejected by Wolesi Jirga members on the pretext of imbalanced allocations.
The volume includes discussion of incremental learning, imbalanced learning, ensemble learning, adaptive dynamic programming, associative processes, sequence learning and hardware design for machine intelligence.
I HAVE always thought it strange that, despite the relatively low percentage of Welsh speakers, historical political unimportance, and imbalanced location, the National Assembly is located in Cardiff.