imagine as

imagine someone or something as someone or something

to think of someone or something as another person or another type of thing. I really can't imagine you as a sailor. When I imagine John as our new president, I really worry about our future as a company.
See also: imagine
References in classic literature ?
When I don't like the name of a place or a person I always imagine a new one and always think of them so.
Now imagine a Priest, whose mouth is at M, and whose front semicircle(AMB) is consequently coloured red, while his hinder semicircle is green; so that the diameter AB divides the green from the red.
It is generally believed that we cannot imagine a shade of colour that we have never seen, or a sound that we have never heard.
I can imagine a King," said the Cat, "whom I should like better.
Nevertheless, only shareholders of Imagine as of the record date of August 23, 2007 will be entitled to participate in the distribution.
Intrawest, which has developed destination resorts around the world, created The Village of Imagine as a collection of neighborhoods, from vibrant enclaves near the village center, to quieter, laid-back neighborhoods away from the community core.
The subordinate note will be issued by Imagine's immediate parent, Imagine Group Holdings Limited (Barbados) and contributed to Imagine as common share equity.
The Danish Re acquisition is a new direction for Imagine as Danish Re's business represents much more traditional insurance products than the highly structured, contractually capped policies currently sold by Imagine.
According to Geller, "This Innovative Product award brings true industry recognition to imagINe as a leading IP solutions provider for call centers moving to on-line customer interaction.