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illuminate something with something

1. Lit. to light up something with something. The lights illuminated the monument with a bright glow. The monument was illuminated with mercury vapor lamps.
2. Fig. to clarify or elucidate something with explanation. Please try to illuminate this matter with an explanation. Could you illuminate your answer with a little more detail?
3. to decorate a manuscript with pictures or designs, as done in medieval monasteries. The monks spent all their days illuminating manuscripts with pictures. No one has the patience to illuminate books with tiny designs.
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mod. alcohol intoxicated. (A play on lit.) Paul is a bit illuminated.
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illuminate Hollywood Promotes Sandy Crawford to President
Using the same powerful automation behind MetaJure Smart DMS, ILLUMINATE automatically captures, OCR's and indexes all of the documents, folders, and email on personal computers, network drives, or other dedicated storage sites such as Microsoft[R] SharePoint[R], Worldox[R], and NetDocuments[R] - without disrupting the data.
Markit and Deutsche BE[micro]rse are global fintech leaders whose clients will benefit from the technology firms Illuminate is already backing.
There are a number of other stimulating essays in this book that will enrich Milton scholarship, enliven its debates, and illuminate further the historical and polemical contexts of Milton's writings.
For this exhibition, he created two works that make no reference to the architectural characteristics of the building, accentuating the pictorial instead, which nonetheless illuminates the space of the gallery in all its detail.
Yet at a certain time in history these volumes were of great significance and can illuminate an important aspect of Jewish history.
Despite the addition in the 1960s of pole-mounted floodlights to illuminate the roadway, plans to light the entire structure never materialized.
Her use of periodical and archival sources here is extended by judicious reference to works in geography, social theory and anthropology that illuminate general and concrete issues of the formation of a public sphere.
They start with a solid pine frame, add beautiful artwork and illuminate the art from behind.
Can there be effective contextualization which does not illuminate a painting as a painting, its form, its style, its meanings, its references?