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an attack of (some illness)

A sudden or acute onset of (an illness). I went to bed early last night after an attack of indigestion.
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down with (an illness)

Sick with a particular illness, which is named after "with." I've been down with the flu all week and have barely gotten out of bed.
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produce an attack (of some illness)

To trigger a sudden or acute onset of some illness or its symptoms. All of the dust in the air produced an attack of asthma. After living with epilepsy for so long, I've learned to recognize what will produce an attack.
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shake a disease or illness off

Fig. [for the body] to fight off a disease or illness. I thought I was catching a cold, but I guess I shook it off. I hope I can shake off this flu pretty soon.
See also: disease, illness, off, shake
References in classic literature ?
Candy's illness gave me an opportunity of putting this doubt to the test.
Candy contemplated doing in the future, if his illness had not got in the way, and stopped him.
Candy's illness, from first to last, not one word about the Diamond escaped his lips.
Macallan's illness, and about the sudden change which ended in her death.
Gale positively swore that the symptoms of the illness were the symptoms of poisoning by arsenic.
He would offer no opinion on Miss Halcombe's chances of recovery--he said it was impossible at that stage of the illness to pronounce one way or the other.
He said the tenth day from the first appearance of the typhus would probably decide the result of the illness, and he arranged for his third visit to take place on that date.
You'll bring back your illness again, my dear fellow," Porfiry Petrovitch cackled with friendly sympathy, though he still looked rather disconcerted.
You are ill and he is good and your illness is infectious for him .
Yes, I do," went on Porfiry, touching Raskolnikov's arm genially, "you must take care of your illness.
Though, indeed, all those psychological means of defence are not very reliable and cut both ways: illness, delirium, I don't remember--that's all right, but why, my good sir, in your illness and in your delirium were you haunted by just those delusions and not by any others?
Background and Objective: Patient's perception of their illness influences their healthcare decisions.
Objective: To elicit the beliefs and perception of patients with schizophrenia about their illness by using Short Explanatory Model Interview (SEMI).
Orzech and her team compared three outcomes between longer and shorter sleepers: number of illness bouts, illness duration, and school absences related to illness.