ifs and/or buts

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no ifs, ands, or buts (about it)

1. Without a doubt or reservation. We're definitely going to lose our jobs after this merger, no ifs, ands, or buts about it.
2. Absolutely no excuses, discussion, or protestations (about something). I don't care how, but you make sure you're at your son's party tomorrow—no ifs, ands, or buts about it! No ifs, ands, or buts—just do as I tell you!
See also: but, no

ˌifs and/or ˈbuts

(often used in negative sentences) used to stop somebody arguing, protesting or making excuses when you tell them to do something: I want this work finished by Friday and no ifs and buts.
See also: and, but, if
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You can ifs and We are that go saying that -but go our "You can break the ifs and buts down so many ways.
HOW many times do you hear that phrase If only I had known If I had done something different Would it have made a difference That is something hindsight brings Ifs and buts Life is full of them You can only live the life you chose It does not stop you thinking back To what might have been Had you chosen a different path to follow Many people out there know Exactly what mistakes were made So we come back to what if What if I had done this If only I had done that You only have one life However it turns out It is all down to you Think hard about the path you are about to take If you are already on the path Stop and think again, is it the right one You can always turn back before it's too late This is the rest of your life You do not want to go through life thinking If only.
If it is a crime - no ifs and buts - arrest the perpetrators there and then.
Ifs and buts are just not good enough on such an important issue as this.
Delaying attitude of governor house is raising many ifs and buts, Rana Sanaullah expressed.
Although she has a bit to find on official ratings with a few of her rivals, her proven ability to handle soft ground - plus her progressive profile - gives her the edge in a race full of ifs and buts.
Having said that and after reading this article, it made me realise that decisions people make in life are a risk and there are a lot of what ifs and buts.
There are all sorts of ifs and buts about Darren, he's an England international and will obviously want to play at the highest level," said Varney.
But it's all ifs and buts and we need to turn those ifs and buts into points, like the lads did against Derby.
Life is full of ifs and buts and, if the early free-kick which hit the bar had gone in, it may have been so different.
There are still a lot of ifs and buts but it's in our own hands," said Hedman.
It is a game we should have won, no ifs and buts, " said Smith, after his side were pegged back to a 2-2 draw.
One retailer said: "There are too many ifs and buts.
Rains, chairman of the Harris County-Houston Sports Authority, added of his city's bid: ``There are no ifs and buts, fruits and nuts in this deal.
A Light in the Dark IT'S a light in the dark Calling every man his brother I cannot see There are too many ifs and buts in this philosophy Although it is a lovely thought Too many obstacles cause doubt When crisis threatens our domain Strike usually follows and lots of pain Although man was gifted with the spoken word The right thing said is never heard But somewhere in the distance a light is burning bright And we just have to fan the flame to make a difference, right.