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Extremely lazy. Can you please get Billy to go to the playground or something? He's just laying around all day, being bone-idle.

devil finds work for idle hands to do

Prov. If you do not have useful work to do, you will be tempted to do frivolous or harmful things to get rid of your boredom. Knowing that the devil finds work for idle hands to do, Elizabeth always made sure that her children had plenty of chores to keep them occupied.
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idle about

to loiter around, doing nothing. Please don't idle about. Get busy! Andy is idling about today.
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idle brain is the devil's workshop

Prov. People who have nothing worthwhile to think about will usually think of something bad to do. We need to figure out something constructive for Tom to do in the afternoons after school. An idle brain is the devil's workshop.
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Idle people have the least leisure.

 and Idle folk have the least leisure.
Prov. If you are not energetic and hardworking, you will never have any free time, since you will have to spend all your time finishing your work. My grandmother always told me not to dawdle, since idle people have the least leisure.
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idle something away

Fig. to waste one's time in idleness; to waste a period of time, such as an afternoon, evening, one's life. She idled the afternoon away and then went to a party. Don't idle away the afternoon.
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be bone idle

to be very lazy She's bone idle - she just sits around the house all day watching TV.
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The devil finds work for idle hands.

something that you say which means people who have no work or activity are more likely to do things they should not do, such as commit crimes There's plenty more tidying to do if you've finished the bedroom. The devil finds work for idle hands.
See play devil's advocate, give due
See also: devil, find, hand, idle, work

idle away

To spend some period of time not working or avoiding work: I idled the day away. The children idled away the summer.
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References in classic literature ?
Whether, in spite of all precautions, any idle story-book can have got into the house?
how some of those idle fellows longed to be outside, and how they looked at the open door and window, as if they half meditated rushing violently out, plunging into the woods, and being wild boys and savages from that time forth.
He raised his head, and glanced from the fluttering signal to his idle bat, that lay with slate and book and other boyish property upon a table in the room.
Actively monitoring and, ultimately, managing when and how long equipment idles can have a dramatic impact on the overall cost of operations.
We all know equipment idles a lot, but we are just now learning how much.
Studies indicate the average US long haul truck engine idles over 1800 hours annually.
Caterpillar believes that the MorElectric technology offers the trucking industry viable idle management solutions with important benefits to the customer and to the environment," says David Orr, Cat Electronics MorElectric commercial manager.
Reducing the amount of time an engine idles can help improve the air quality at truckstops, borders, warehouses, construction sites, ports, airports, and railyards.
The second is termed avoidable and includes times when truck drivers idle for cab comfort--air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter--or to operate onboard auxiliaries such as televisions and computers.
The foundry currently idles at a higher temperature than necessary because of turndown limitations of the burner, but is modifying the burner to permit the calciner to be idled at a lower temperature to save idle period fuel cost.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), "When a car idles for more than 30 seconds, it has several negative effects, such as increasing air pollution unnecessarily, wasting fuel and money, and causing excessive wear or even damaging a car's engine components, including cylinders, spark plugs, and the exhaust system.
19, 2015 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Idle Smart announced today it is offering an innovative new platform based on the Android operating system, complete with remote management capabilities and easy-to-understand desktop performance reporting and diagnostics.
The technology allows full-screen, rich media displays during idle time in the form of screensavers.