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Extremely lazy. Can you please get Billy to go to the playground or something? He's just laying around all day, being bone-idle.

devil finds work for idle hands to do

Prov. If you do not have useful work to do, you will be tempted to do frivolous or harmful things to get rid of your boredom. Knowing that the devil finds work for idle hands to do, Elizabeth always made sure that her children had plenty of chores to keep them occupied.
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idle about

to loiter around, doing nothing. Please don't idle about. Get busy! Andy is idling about today.
See also: idle

idle brain is the devil's workshop

Prov. People who have nothing worthwhile to think about will usually think of something bad to do. We need to figure out something constructive for Tom to do in the afternoons after school. An idle brain is the devil's workshop.
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Idle people have the least leisure.

 and Idle folk have the least leisure.
Prov. If you are not energetic and hardworking, you will never have any free time, since you will have to spend all your time finishing your work. My grandmother always told me not to dawdle, since idle people have the least leisure.
See also: have, idle, least, leisure, people

idle something away

Fig. to waste one's time in idleness; to waste a period of time, such as an afternoon, evening, one's life. She idled the afternoon away and then went to a party. Don't idle away the afternoon.
See also: away, idle

be bone idle

to be very lazy She's bone idle - she just sits around the house all day watching TV.
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The devil finds work for idle hands.

something that you say which means people who have no work or activity are more likely to do things they should not do, such as commit crimes There's plenty more tidying to do if you've finished the bedroom. The devil finds work for idle hands.
See play devil's advocate, give due
See also: devil, find, hand, idle, work

idle away

To spend some period of time not working or avoiding work: I idled the day away. The children idled away the summer.
See also: away, idle
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During a normal operating year, the foundry has 4000 hours of sand process time and 4760 hours of idle time.
The Idle Guard 200, available since March 2010, provides a timely and low cost solution that is easy to install, and can be retrofitted on almost any vehicle.
Designed specifically for the day cab or work truck market, the Work Truck No Idle Heat System(TM) from Idle Free Systems provides up to eight hours of interior cab heat with the truck engine turned off, eliminating unnecessary workday idling.
Bell said the national media is no longer reporting on Idle No More as they were months ago and it's no longer a national issue "because it didn't have a focus".
Either way, one thing's for sure: The kid wasn't idle.
Trained by Fulke Johnson Houghton, Idle Waters was making her ninth appearance of the season when winning the Group 2 Park Hill.
if you see oil leakage after three minutes, continue to run the engine at idle tier another 10.
Installing the Idle Guard 200 in our maintenance vehicles will help the university save money, while reducing our carbon footprint--and that's something we're proud to be a part of.
Arthur Yap (3rd District, Bohol) said his proposal embodied in House Bill 4460 or the proposed "Revised Rules on Idle Land Taxation Act" aims to promote the utilization and productivity of idle agricultural lands, increase incomes of farmers, develop food sufficiency and security, and provide for sources of additional revenues for Local Government Units (LGUs).
At $4 a gallon, letting a piece of equipment idle for an hour is just like burning a $10 bill.
At night, when electricity demands were low, the generator would be idle or running at very low power.
When you run the engine at low idle, fuel and oil aren't completely burned in the combustion chambers.
The 1990 film starred starred Eric Idle as Brian and Robbie Coltrane as Charlie, who play a couple of crooks who hide out in a Catholic convent after stealing $1 million in drug money from their own gang and an Asian gang.
However, the number of workers idled, the number of days idle, and the percent of estimated working time lost because of strikes and lockouts rose.
As long as there's a lone nickel to be wrung from the gullible Monty Python-starved public, Eric Idle promises he'll be there, dressed in silly frocks, singing rude songs and sprinting straight to the bank afterward.