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babbling idiot

A person who talks excessively without making sense or saying anything of importance, sarcastically and derogatorily likened to someone with a mental deficiency. Maurice just rattled on and on like a babbling idiot last night about his schemes to get rich. I must have sounded like a babbling idiot from the way I talked about the new house.
See also: idiot

the idiot box

slang A television set, or television in general. We need to start encouraging our children to play outside, instead of just spending hours in front of the idiot box. It saddens me that people would rather watch the idiot box than explore the world around them.
See also: box, idiot

idiot light

slang A warning light on the dashboard of an automobile meant to alert the driver to a potential problem, such as engine trouble, low fuel, overheating, etc. See? You ignore the idiot light, and the car ends up breaking down in the middle of nowhere.
See also: idiot, light

idiot gloves

Mittens or gloves that are attached to one's sleeves by a length of yarn or string so as to prevent their being lost. I always hated the idiot gloves my mom made me wear when I was a kid. They made me feel like such a dope!
See also: glove, idiot

idiot mittens

Mittens or gloves that are attached to one's sleeves by a length of yarn or string so as to prevent their being lost. I always hated the idiot mittens my mom made me wear when I was a kid. They made me feel like such a dope!
See also: idiot, mitten

take (someone) for an idiot

To presume or believe that someone is very stupid or foolish. I'd advise you not to take her for an idiot. She may play dumb, but she's very crafty. Do you take me for an idiot? There's no way I'm falling for that again.
See also: idiot, take

take someone for an idiot and take someone for a fool

to assume that someone is stupid. I wouldn't do anything like that! Do you take me for an idiot? I don't take you for a fool. I think you're very clever.
See also: and, fool, idiot, take

idiot box

A television set, as in There they sit in front of the idiot box, hour after hour. This slangy and pejorative expression dates from about 1960.
See also: box, idiot

idiot box

n. a television set. You spend too much time watching the idiot box.
See also: box, idiot

idiot card

n. a large card that shows people on television what to say. The floor director held up an idiot card so I could read out the telephone number.
See also: card, idiot

idiot juice

and idiotic (ˈɪdiət dʒus and ɪdiˈɑdɪk)
n. a mixture of ground nutmeg and water. (Prisons.) Somehow a bunch of these guys got hold of some idiot juice.
See also: idiot, juice

idiot light

n. a light (instead of a meter) on a car’s dashboard that indicates the state of various things concerning the operation of the car. (Alludes to these lights’ elimination of the knowledge required to interpret a meter reading, making them suitable for idiots.) I don’t want idiot lights. I want meters!
See also: idiot, light

idiot oil

n. liquor; alcohol. She drinks too much of that idiot oil.
See also: idiot, oil

idiot pills

n. barbiturates. (Drugs.) Lay off those idiot pills, why don’t you?
See also: idiot, pill
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