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a case of mistaken identity

An instance in which one is thought or assumed to be someone else. Officer, this is a case of mistaken identity—I can assure you that I did not rob anyone!
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identity politics

1. The ways in which one's political views are informed by the facets of their identity, such as race, gender, age, and class. Can we really escape identity politics? How can you divorce yourself from your own experience?
2. The ways in which people with similarities in societal identity (as related to race, gender, class, etc.) focus on and promote interests relevant to them, separate from a broader political group or party. With identity politics at play, it will be hard to attract younger voters to our party.
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case of mistaken identity

the incorrect identification of someone. I am not the criminal you want to arrest. This is a case of mistaken identity.
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For example, an individual could be preoccupied with confirming one identity to the exclusion of other tasks or identities.
As an aside, the identities of the Legion of Super-Heroes are among the least split in comics; the characters have civilian names but otherwise tend to show little difference between their superhero and civilian selves.
Once inside the network, Applied Identity provides a control and surveillance solution that allows application and data access by individual user or user groups based on user identities and policy residing in the enterprise directory.
NYSE: ID) offers a comprehensive set of products and solutions for protecting and securing personal identities and assets.
The joint solution will assist financial institutions in verifying applicant identities and detecting a vast range of suspicious activities related to money laundering, fraud, and terrorism financing in one integrated process.
Authored by Access Smart's Founder and CEO, Dovell Bonnett, and published for Access Smart by Wiley, publishers of the best-selling For Dummies series, "Online Identity Theft Protection For Dummies, Power LogOn Edition" helps individuals and companies of all sizes understand how criminals steal identities, how to create and manage strong passwords through Power LogOn, how to avoid bad security habits, and what to do if victimized by identity theft.
Scalable - identity synchronization and virtualization tasks are distributed between the identity source systems that originate, delete and edit identities, and the PresenceID Hub Manager and PresenceID Spoke Managers that synchronize, virtualize, manage, administer, and integrate user and content identity data.
L-1 Identity Solutions, together with its portfolio of companies, offers a comprehensive set of products and solutions for protecting and securing personal identities and assets.
IBT customers are supported by 160 experts who have direct experience with a wide variety of state and federal agencies, as well as business identities.