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hypothesize about something

to speculate about something; to make guesses about something. Don't waste time hypothesizing about what happened. There is no point in hypothesizing about what happened when we don't know the actual truth.
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hypothesize on something

to conjecture on the origin or nature of something. We sat around hypothesizing on the origin of life.
See also: hypothesize, on
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Lack of power in sexual relationships has been hypothesized to increase women's risk of HIV infection (3,4,19,28,29), but little research has shed rigorous light on this question.
Utilizing the same hypothesized model, two separate structural models were created for minority and nonminority participants.
Conclusions and Recommendations Conclusions from hypothesized findings
They hypothesized that no such correlation would be found between women's attractiveness and their perceived values, since judgments about what constitutes a "good" value are likely to vary from observer to observer.
It is thus further hypothesized that student satisfaction will affect the effectiveness of collaborative learning.
2003) hypothesized that some or all of the androgens in paper mill effluent and river sediment were generated by microbial degradation of phytosterols from the mill pulp.
It may thus be hypothesized that the conscious effort to produce fast, explosive contractions may be a major stimulus in the development of muscular power.
It hypothesized that these students believed their families would not approve of them seeking therapy and that therapy would be an embarrassment to them.
Epois hypothesized that the primary cause of retrognathia and abnormal tongue position is the imbalance of the muscular insertion of the tongue on the mandible.
Fostered modern theories of light and heat energy, and hypothesized about the composition of Saturn's rings
Some scientists have hypothesized that these people have an abnormal internal clock somewhere in their brains that tells them to eat at the wrong time.
The scenario contained three items corresponding to each of the five epistemological dimensions hypothesized by Schommer (1990).
The database generates hypothesized toxicologic risk estimates and relies on no biomonitoring data, such as testing for pesticide residues in urine or blood.