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hypothesize about something

to speculate about something; to make guesses about something. Don't waste time hypothesizing about what happened. There is no point in hypothesizing about what happened when we don't know the actual truth.
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hypothesize on something

to conjecture on the origin or nature of something. We sat around hypothesizing on the origin of life.
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We hypothesize that the mechanism of virus circulation is related to the social structure of the reservoir: bank voles are territorial and avoid encounters with conspecifics during the breeding season but share nests during winter.
We hypothesize that determination of both male sex and pathology of the progeny by PrOO will initially cause a positive male-biased dose response, which, after having reached a threshold, will be followed by a negative one due to disproportional loss of male-specific conceptuses and sublethal X-linked genes (21).
If gaining weight in middle age leads to health problems, then getting fat in childhood "might be far worse," he hypothesizes.
Sharpe of Queen's Medical Research Institute in Edinburgh hypothesizes that unidentified chemicals in sludge caused the diminished testis size and the hormone effects.
He also hypothesizes that a dopamine drought in children who inherit a single copy of the strong COMT variant can also foster psychotic symptoms.
Wang's team hypothesizes that some obese people get more pleasure from eating than people of normal weight do.
Wood hypothesizes that in some people, the proportion of methylotrophs among mouth bacteria may be low, leading to chronically high amounts of the stinky sulfur compounds.
Merchant hypothesizes that inflammation brought on by excess bacterial growth might suppress RUNX3 production.