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hypothesize about something

to speculate about something; to make guesses about something. Don't waste time hypothesizing about what happened. There is no point in hypothesizing about what happened when we don't know the actual truth.
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hypothesize on something

to conjecture on the origin or nature of something. We sat around hypothesizing on the origin of life.
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One might hypothesize that the amount of virus available for human contamination reached its highest level between September 1998 and September 1999.
We hypothesize that the intricate connections between equal gender proportions and optimal conceptions at the core of the fertile window of the menstrual cycle and between disproportionate rates of male-biased and pathologic conceptuses outside of it are due to periovulatory hormone modulation, which simultaneously affects cervical liquefaction and oocyte maturation (8,9).
However, Jack Feldman of the University of California, Los Angeles and his colleagues hypothesize in an upcoming Nature Neuroscience that the heart shutdown is actually the result of a condition known as central sleep apnea.
This proposal hypothesizes that this mechanism maintains cartilage homeostasis in response to a wide range of physiologic mechanical loading conditions, but is unable to maintain tissue subjected to excessive loading, as seen in OA associated risk factors (e.
Once the computer comes up with a plausible structure, it hypothesizes many series of component movements and calculates how far the robot could move as a result of each series, Lipson adds.
Graduation tests may represent the final obstacle that causes struggling students to drop out of school, hypothesizes Monty Neill, executive director of The National Center for Fair and Open Testing.
In every "Reinforced Concrete Piece" one hypothesizes a human presence, since this simple, ubiquitous construction material immediately evokes humble labor.
This project hypothesizes that injecting a soluble T-cell receptor into a mouse can reduce inflammatory damage caused by a bacterial infection by binding to and soaking up all the molecules that would normally activate inflammation-promoting gamma/delta T cells.
By examining rapid sales fluctuations in this segment, we hypothesizes that manufacturers will rely on aggressive new product offerings combined with large advertising expenditures to sell consumers on the benefits of anti-aging skincare products.
This report hypothesizes that growing interest in the skin care segment of the market, which has expanded its product range and doubled in sales between 2003 and 2005, continued innovation in the shaving cream segment, in the form of increased emphasis on skin care due to the ravages of the razor, and constant product reformulations in deodorants and anti-perspirants to provide longer-lasting results, will continue to help increase the size of the market overall.
She discovered a high degree of plasticity during habit and procedure learning, and hypothesizes that the brain "chunks" the separate pieces of the learning process together into a higher-order representation that can be recalled as an entirety, without thinking, as if on autopilot.
If gaining weight in middle age leads to health problems, then getting fat in childhood "might be far worse," he hypothesizes.