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The pVelocity software will enable Hydro Aluminum to make all cost components - including material, labor, freight, fabrication and paint - visible by customer, by press and by die.
Toronto Hydro Corporation is a holding company which operates through its wholly-owned subsidiaries including Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited, a local distribution company (LDC) which distributes electricity; Toronto Hydro Energy Services Inc.
We're pleased to be working with Bellwood to help improve the efficiency and competitive position of Russian power generating facilities like the Volga Hydro Power Cascade project," said Johan Arts, vice president industry marketing at MRO Software.
5 per cent of Ontario Hydro's total output and the smelters account for about half of Falconbridge's hydro costs.
We conducted an RFP process, and the winner both in terms of depth of experience and quality of technology was Siemens," said David Dobbin, President, Toronto Hydro Telecom.
Hydro has entered into two separate sales agreements for the castings units.
Along with the hydro and forest initiatives is a long-term strategy to develop an ecotourism sector.
Kevin Lennon is a corporate relations advisor at Ontario Hydro.
In the middle of winter during the Arab oil embargo of the 1970s Laurence McKay was turned against the hydro system.
Peggy Duxbury, research associate at Harvard Business School, will present a paper on large hydro development, using Hydro-Quebec's experience as a case study.
The association charges that the revised plan, in which Hydro significantly reduced its projections of future electricity demands, has created a loss of confidence in Ontario Hydro and has affected investor confidence, economic growth and job creation.
Manitoba Hydro will assess the performance of the OpenWay network architecture as well as validate the business case for advanced metering and a possible deployment of the technology on a broader scale in the future.
Hydro Quebec's credit fundamentals are expected to remain near their presently strong levels.
These must be either downsized or redesigned for improved efficiency before being renegotiated with Hydro.
Under the terms of the sub-license Internal Hydro has agreed to enter into a definitive agreement, pursuant to which it shall pay a one-time license fee of $500,000 for exclusive rights to deploy the CAVD technology in the European Union.