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hustle (one's) bustle

To increase one's pace or sense of urgency; to hurry up; to get moving quickly. We'd better hustle our bustle if we want to get to the movie theater on time!
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hustle and bustle

Busy, frenetic activity or excitement. I love living among the hustle and bustle of the city. I avoid the hustle and bustle of malls and shopping centers whenever I can.
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hustle and bustle

Fig. confusion and business. I can't stand the hustle and bustle of big cities. There is a lot of hustle and bustle in this office at the end of the fiscal year.
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hustle up

to hurry up. Hustle up, you guys. We have to get moving. Hustle up. We are almost late.
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hustle your butt

move or act quickly. North American informal
Other variants of this phrase include hustle your buns and, in vulgar slang, hustle your ass .
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ˌhustle and ˈbustle

busy and excited activity: I can’t concentrate on my work with all this hustle and bustle going on around me.I’ve always loved the hustle and bustle of big cities.
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ear hustle

in. to eavesdrop. I was ear hustling while you were talking, and felt I had to correct something you said about me.
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ear hustling

n. eavesdropping. Your ear hustling will get you in trouble, especially when people are talking about you.
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1. in. to move rapidly; to hurry. It’s late. I’ve got to hustle.
2. n. hurried movement; confusion. I can’t work when there is all this hustle around me.
3. n. a scheme to make money; a special technique for making money. (Underworld. This includes drug dealing, prostitution, and other vice activities.) Each of these punks has a hustle—a specialty in crime. We all know what Shorty’s hustle is.
4. in. to use one’s special technique for making money. He’s out there on the streets hustling all the time.
5. tv. to use a scheme on a person to try to make money; to con someone. Don’t try to hustle me, sister. I know which end is up.
6. tv. to attempt to seduce someone. I think that Britney’s hustling Max.
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Jones scored two minutes into stoppage time by bullying through two defenders to knock in a hustle goal to double the Galaxy's lead by halftime.
He's very fast and very quick and he hustles the whole game; he never seems to get tired.
A dynamo on the field, Vazquez's hustle has impressed his teammates as much as his talent.
There's only one guy who has come in every day and competed hard at practice, who never complains about his playing time, who always hustles, who never runs out of energy, who will box out when no one boxes out, who will set a screen when no one sets a screen, who always does all the little things and never makes a fuss.
I was wondering who it was he was talking about,'' Benjamin said after a practice earlier this week, ``because everybody on our team hustles.
His actions on the field, you see it day in and day out: he hustles, he picks people up when they had a bad day," said Master's coach Jack Mutz.
The two other players (1 and 2) will hustle to the spot to play defense, with the loser (2 in this case) going to the arrow.