hurtin' for

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hurtin' for something

Rur. in need of something. I went to fetch a bottle of cough syrup. My sick child was hurtin' for it. Jim was hurting for a new set of tools.
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Nothin' matters except that nothing's hurtin,' '' Stewart said when it came time to head north.
Some 20people died and more than 40were hurtin road accidents Sunday across Egypt blamed on poor visibility from heavy rains and sandstorms, officials said.
38) This unique example of Latin endo used as postposition is matched by other Italic languages where a similar syntactic construction with *en underlies the creation of an innovative locative form (Umbrian ocrem 'on the mount' TI 6a, 46; South Picene mefun 'in medial' MC 1; and Oscan hurtin 'in the garden' SA 1, A2).
or if his feelins hav changed, he cld b tryin 2 end things without hurtin u.
Don't get me wrong, I loved the quirky, hurtin burg anyway, as my wife, Ellen, pointed out when I was lobbying her (quite unsuccessfully) to move to Milwaukee: "Anyone who liked Trenton and Miami has no credibility when it comes to places.
While that statistical change may look good on the surface, Feroli cautioned the drop could be accompanied by a similar decrease in consumer spending, hurtin a variety of retailers ad businesses.
more pain, tired of hurtin At this rate, T won't be short of material for her own short of material for her o solo debut.