hurt feelings

hurt someone's feelings

to cause someone emotional pain. It hurts my feelings when you talk that way. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.
See also: feeling, hurt
References in classic literature ?
The children stopped their crying, Lamai retied Jerry with the stick, Lenerengo harangued herself breathless, and Lumai departed with hurt feelings for the canoe house where stags could sleep in peace and Marys pestered not.
But folks forgot their hurt feelings when they had a pain in their stomachs.
At last, the movie Padmavat must be stopped, its releasing, in case it will actually, hurt feelings of any community.
The derogatory speech of Altaf Hussain hurt feelings and emotions of 200 million Pakistanis and made them grieved and angry," the resolution said.
Instead of fretting over their own differences - and they have considerable lingering hurt feelings after the Clinton-Sanders primaries - they found, in Trump, something they all agree on.
But hurt feelings or wounded amour propre cannot function as a veto on public expression, which is the foundation stone of political freedom.
This was after the young self-made mogul expressed his hurt feelings over the movie.
A reunion of "Happy Endings" showrunner David Caspe and actress-wife Casey Wilson, the series works a little too hard at conjuring whimsy, beginning with a botched marriage proposal and all the hurt feelings that ensue.
Braxton Sisters are back they are touted as "Guilty Pleasure Gold" by Entertainment Weekly, Braxton Family Values begins its fourth season on WEtv beginning August, but the sisters' lifelong dream of recording a family album is threatened due to hurt feelings and broken bonds.
She claims she is justified in doing this because it would avoid the hurt feelings of someone being left off of the guest list by mistake.
Strange people, indeed, who haven't worked out the odds of hurt feelings.
Whilst you will not be compensated for your hurt feelings and stress, if you are successful you will recover your lost earnings from the date you quit until the date you found another job.
If neglect is expanded to include hurt feelings, then we're in dangerous territory.
laundry, less hurt feelings, fewer ferocious moments, more silence, more
Experts at the University of Alabama at Birmingham have found that discussing weight should be avoided during the holidays, as it will most likely cause hurt feelings so instead of pointing it out, you can take action by starting to eat healthy and exercise, and let them model your behavior.