hurry down

hurry down (to somewhere)

to descend rapidly. We need you down here in the basement. Hurry down. Please hurry down to the kitchen and help us.
See also: down, hurry
References in classic literature ?
I rose at once to my feet, and my instinctive impulse was to hurry down to the beach, equally regardless of the distance that separated me from it, and of my disabled condition.
Yielding to it in the same mechanical kind of way, I left a note in pencil for Herbert, telling him that as I should be so soon going away, I knew not for how long, I had decided to hurry down and back, to ascertain for myself how Miss Havisham was faring.
Finally someone answered our call and told us to hurry down [as there was a fire].
As my mom makes appetizers, we all hurry down to the basement to watch the game.
However, when a player dropped out of a "possible versus probables" trial match at Darlington, a telegram arrived at Ken's house, asking him to hurry down to the ground.
A Bus Driver's View SCORES of feet in working shoes Hurry from the paper shop To join the early morning queues Where the corporation buses stop Bad legs and bouncing boobs Can't hurry down the street But she never fails to catch a bus And she always gets a seat The man with the morning after face With breath like perfumed onions Tries to be sympathetic When she talks about her bunions Dopey, sleepy and sneezy Bleary eyed behind their glasses Always make the driver grin Because they're smiling on their passes.
FOOD Hurry down a floral carpet to Seasons, where the movers and shakers of town run their knife through lemon/ricotta pancake and discuss what often becomes tomorrow's headline.
Just hurry down to Tom Ford at House of Fraser now.
Reyes fell down hard on the floor, and then the burly Norbert Torres reacted by shoving Taladua - causing the players from the bench from both sides to hurry down to the court to defend their teammates.
Don't Stop the Music' singer posted a hidden message on Twitter saying Santa to hurry down the chimney before it's too late to be nice.
These two homes won't be with us much longer, so hurry down to the development to see what you could be living in.
It is written in simple poetry and tells the story of Billy, cajoling, exhorting and helping members of his family to get themselves organized to hurry down to Derry Fair.
We would urge everyone to hurry down to the store for 9am.