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hurrah's nest

A mess; a disorganized pile. Boy, these clothes are a hurrah's nest right now—can you help me sort them?
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final hurrah

A last action before one ceases to do something. It's so good to see all of you at this meeting, my final hurrah before retirement. But this performance is your final hurrah before graduation—you have to do it!
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last hurrah

A final act, achievement, or effort. Finishing the month-long project was Cheri's last hurrah before she left the company to pursue another opportunity.
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last hurrah

a final act, performance, or effort, especially in politics. chiefly US
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last hurrah

A final appearance, especially at the end of one's career. The phrase has a bittersweet, if not sad, connotation, since it's applied to the end of a person's life's work. It could refer to a musical or theatrical performance or the end of a political career—the final time that the person will hear an audience or crowd shouting in praise. Swan song has a similar meaning, although not always used in a positive sense.
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a) Cheer ecstatically, shout hurrah, hurrah and wave two-fingered salutes in celebration,
On hand for last week's hurrahs, by the way, was guest star - and breast-cancer survivor - Olivia Newton-John.
He swiveled down the field to great hurrahs, And stiff-armed labor's leaders in the schnoz.
in Encino, claims it has ``redefined the concept of value-based dining'' and in doing such has introduced a wine list that deserves loud hurrahs.
Though performed for adults, "Flood Tide" is basically a tale for children; there's even an opening prologue in which audience members are encouraged to vocalize their reactions with hurrahs and boos.