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hurl insults (at someone)

 and throw insults (at someone)
Fig. to direct insults at someone; to say something insulting directly to someone. Anne hurled an insult at Bob that made him very angry. If you two would stop throwing insults, we could have a serious discussion.
See also: hurl, insult

hurl someone or something at someone or something

to throw someone or something at someone or something. The huge man actually hurled me at the tree. Larry hurled his shoe at me.
See also: hurl

hurl someone or something down

to throw or push someone or something downward to the ground. Roger hurled the football down and it bounced away wildly. He hurled down the football in anger. The angry player hurled the ball down.
See also: down, hurl

hurl someone or something into something

to throw someone or something into something. She hurled the little boys into the storm cellar and went back to the house for the dog. Sharon hurled her belongings into the suitcase and jammed it closed.
See also: hurl

hurl someone or something out (of some place)

 and hurl someone or something out
to throw someone or something out of some place. The manager hurled them out of the tavern. The manager hurled out the annoying people.
See also: hurl, out

hurl something around

to throw something, such as words, around carelessly. Don't just go hurling foul words around like they didn't mean anything. You are just hurling around words!
See also: around, hurl

hurl something away (from someone or something)

to throw or push something away from someone or something. She hurled the bricks away from the partially buried child. Hurl away the bricks as fast as you can.
See also: away, hurl


1. in. to empty one’s stomach; to vomit. (see also earl.) I think I gotta go hurl.
2. n. vomit. There’s hurl all over the bathroom floor!
References in classic literature ?
The hairless ape-thing with the man scent was worst of all, for he had even the temerity to advance upon the ground to within a few yards of the Lord of the Jungle, that he might with greater accuracy and force hurl the sharp bits of granite and the heavy sticks at him.
Utterance have I become altogether, and the brawling of a brook from high rocks: downward into the valleys will I hurl my speech.
Lads digging each other with hurls does go on in games and ultimately there's no need for it.
Murphy was responding to the new rule that will see players yellow carded for digging opponents with the butt of their hurl.
It'll be difficult for referees to decide exactly what's a shoulder and what's striking with the hurl," he added.
CENTRAL Council has altered the GAA rulebook to ensure logos cannot be put on player's hurls.
Rule 14 was amended at the Council's meeting and it now includes hurls as part of a players playing equipment.
The rule was amended because hurls were not specifically mentioned in the rulebook with regard to sponsors, a loophole which allowed Paddy Power Bookmakers to get their logo displayed during the Wexford v Cork All-Ireland semi-final.
Now the learning curve on Derry hurls are engraved with a sense of belief that the end of a prolonged wait for glory is nigh.