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be hunky-dory

slang To be fine or all right. Don't worry about us, everything is hunky-dory here.


and honkey and honkie and hunky
1. n. a white male; a Caucasian. (Black. Not necessarily derogatory. A pronunciation variant of hunky. Compare to jonx = junks.) Some honky was around asking for you.
2. mod. in the manner of a Caucasian; white-like. That’s honky music. I want to hear soul.


See honky


mod. fine; okay. As a matter of fact, everything is just hunky-dory.
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DAVID Beckham was replaced by a body double for part of a new ad yesterday - and some onlookers reckoned the stand-in was hunkier than the real thing.
Fish-finger giants Birds Eye Walls replaced children's favourite seafarer with a younger, hunkier sailor.
PIERCE Brosnan has been using PADDING to make himself look hunkier in the new 007 movie.
The white-whiskered Captain was replaced in 1997 by a younger, hunkier sailor, played by actor Thomas Pescod.
Director Joel Schumacher assured him the camera angles and clever lighting would make him look even hunkier than normal.
And they claim they're ready to tackle a gay fanbase now that they're older and hunkier.
Jon Peyton Price was replaced by hunkier James Alexandrou as Martin Fowler in 1996.
They were much bigger and hunkier than me so I knew they were serious rivals and I'd have my work cut out trying to win her over.
Her heart may still belong to Steve, but Danny - who, let's face it, is rather hunkier than her ex-husband - asks her out on a date.
Anyway, along the interstate, Clive and Gypsy encounter some dream- dashing types: a karaoke hostess (Karen Black) whose stab at lounge singing glory never really cut; a hunky runaway Amish fellow (Anson Scoville) looking for very non-Amish excitement; and a hunkier frat boy (``Road Trip's'' Paulo Costanzo) with closet urges.
Twilight bosses have told the 23-year-old they want a hunkier undead heartthrob so he's on a protein-rich diet of whole chickens from, er, Nando's.
Some might say he's far hunkier and more fanciable than his popular serious thesp big brother Ralph - although he seemed destined for a similarly successful film career when he starred in the likes of big box-office hits Shakespeare in Love, Martha, Meet Frank, Daniel and Laurence, and Enemy at the Gates.
She says: "He's much hunkier in the flesh than on TV, he's toned, muscular and tall, and quite good looking.
This action-packed adventure is based on a graphic novel and allows Bruce Willis to not only play a withdrawn detective but also his own hunkier surrogate.
In the show's set-up, Michael was a frumpy guy (played by John Goodman) killed by a speeding subway train at the beginning of the season only to reawaken with his brain in the body of a much younger and hunkier man.