hunger for

hunger for someone or something

to desire someone or something; to yearn for someone or something. I hunger for you. I want you madly. He looked at the cake and you could see he was hungering for it. The prisoner was consumed with a hunger for freedom.
See also: hunger
References in classic literature ?
And driving his ass before him he begged his master to follow, who, feeling that Sancho was right, did so without replying; and after proceeding some little distance between two hills they found themselves in a wide and retired valley, where they alighted, and Sancho unloaded his beast, and stretched upon the green grass, with hunger for sauce, they breakfasted, dined, lunched, and supped all at once, satisfying their appetites with more than one store of cold meat which the dead man's clerical gentlemen (who seldom put themselves on short allowance) had brought with them on their sumpter mule.
David Beckmann warned that reducing funding for food stamps by $39 billion, as the House of Representatives is pushing to do, would increase hunger for six million Americans.
The other is the being I must not eat (though it is indeed my nature to hunger for his substance).
and its brands have been committed to fighting hunger for more than a decade by donating more than $46 million of prepared food annually to the underprivileged in the United States.
Cuts to the programs would increase the risk of hunger for vulnerable families nationwide, and Feeding America is working to protect programs from cuts as Congress looks to address the budget deficit.
The risk of hunger for African Americans and Hispanics in their 50s was twice that of whites over the years studied.
We are grateful for their tremendous support, generosity and genuine commitment to eliminating hunger for children.
By working together and sharing knowledge and information quickly and efficiently, we can eradicate hunger for millions of Americans, especially children," said Mudd.
The Downtown Center Business Improvement District (DCBID), 7+FIG @ Ernst & Young Plaza, and Ciudad join together to raise funds to help fight hunger for the children of Los Angeles by hosting The Great American Bake Sale(TM), a groundbreaking program from Share Our Strength, a leading anti-hunger organization.
Feeding America Leads Charge and Turns Orange(TM) to Solve Hunger for 49 Million Americans
Before all else then, the fasting we do in Lent is about this love for the poor and thus the hunger for justice to be done.
Thanks to Feeding Minds Fighting Hunger for this list of ideas.
When I saw you handing out the hosts, those pieces of white bread, I went to communion just out of hunger for that little bit of bread.
Nearly 1 billion people are going hungry around the globe and Aguilera is raising awareness as global spokesperson for World Hunger Relief and Ambassador Against Hunger for WFP.