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on a hunch

With or based on a strong intuition (about something), rather than absolute knowledge. I opened the cabinet underneath the sink on a hunch that we'd find the keys there. On a hunch, I'd say that the president is likely to veto the bill.
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have a hunch (that something is the case)

 and have a hunch about something
to have an idea about what did, will, or should happen; to have a feeling that something will or should happen. I had a hunch that you would be here when I arrived. I have a hunch about the way things will happen.
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hunch over

[for someone] to bend over. The wounded man hunched over and staggered to the window. He was hunched over with pain.
See also: hunch, over

hunch something up

to raise up or lift up some body part, usually the shoulders. He hunched his shoulders up in his effort to get warm. He hunched up his shoulders to keep warm.
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hunch up

to squeeze or pull the parts of one's body together. He hunched up in a corner to keep warm. Why is that child hunched up in the corner?
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play a (or your) hunch

make an instinctive choice.
See also: hunch, play
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When you couple this with a concentrated period of Tech Hunch posture during Cyber Monday, the result is cumulative injuries.
However, there have been very less details about the company beyond what is stated on its website and on social networks and Chopra has revealed that Hunch Analytics is still in stealth mode.
The program was created in 2003, when NASA HUNCH program manager Stacy Hale saw an opportunity to give STEM students a chance to work with NASA.
Kelly Ford, vice president of marketing for Hunch, told (http://www.
Since index returns were negative the following year, their hunch did not hurt them.
I just had a hunch that he was going to put it to my right.
Or "I had a hunch that the question was going to be asked".
Last month, Britvic announced it would hunch a range of smooth juice drinks aimed at children in June.
To watch Spacek whisper her lines, hunch over, and clumsily heave a bowling ball is to crawl inside yourself with mortification.
He details why he considers string theory not to really be a theory, but simply a hunch that has been perpetuated by leaders in the physics community who refuse to acknowledge its failure.
My hunch is that because Calvinists added a mark (discipline) to two of Luther's most popular constituents of the church (proclamation of the word and administration of the sacraments) they were important in the development of the idea of marks.
Because he did not have proof of the terror camp connection, Samit never passed this hunch on to FBI headquarters.
You have a strong sense that Kiki and Carlene are going to strike up a girlfriend-to-girlfriend relationship of sorts; you know that the resolute Zora will eventually collide with Carl; and you have a slight hunch that Howard will run into Victoria, Monty Kipps's sexy daughter, at an inopportune moment.
To test his hunch that the company was being visited by intruders, he smoothed the dirt so that he could watch for fresh tracks.