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hum with activity

Fig. [for a place] to be busy with activity. The kitchen hummed with activity as usual. Our main office was humming with activity during the busy season.
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hum and haw

  (mainly British) also hem and haw (American & Australian)
to take a long time to say something and speak in a way that is not clear, in order to avoid giving an answer He hemmed and hawed and finally admitted taking the money. (mainly British)
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  (American informal)
disappointing or not very interesting It was a ho-hum speech, no big deal really. He still thinks soccer is kind of ho-hum and not worth watching.


mod. dull; causing yawns of boredom. (Ho-hum is a representation of the sound of a yawn.) Clare played another ho-hum concert at the music hall last night.

hum job

and hummer
n. a sexual act involving holding the penis in the mouth while humming. (see also humdinger.) He asked for a hum job, so she hummed him a lullaby.
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References in classic literature ?
Until at last they got so jumbled together, in the hurry-skurry, helter-skelter, of the match, that whether the kettle chirped and the Cricket hummed, or the Cricket chirped and the kettle hummed, or they both chirped and both hummed, it would have taken a clearer head than yours or mine to have decided with anything like certainty.
No greater joy was Michael's than to sit by the hour with Steward and sing with him all songs and tunes he sang or hummed.
The man hummed a little song as he worked, and Dorothy tried to listen to it.
He went to the door of the partition wall, raised his hands, and hummed in French, "There was a king in Thule.
As he approached Lord George's door, he cleared his throat and hummed more vigorously.
Then, Mr Brass left off writing entirely, and, with his pen in his hand, hummed his very loudest; shaking his head meanwhile from side to side, like a man whose whole soul was in the music, and smiling in a manner quite seraphic.
she hummed a tune which only double bass player John recognised.
Swedish researchers, hypothesizing that humming would enhance sinus ventilation and increase nasal nitric oxide levels, compared nitric oxide flow in 10 subjects while they hummed and while they took quiet breaths (Am.
Nagy hummed along with what sounded like a curious mixture of a low-pitched drone and a whistling wind.