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The last chapter of Plato's The Republic, describing the way the souls cross the River of Forgetfulness from the world beyond into this world; (47) Aristotle's and Biblical anthropological assumptions of logocentricity, as found in Genesis 2-3 (48) and the Prologue of the Gospel of John; (49) and Augustine's and Thomas Aquinas's doctrine of quickening are all more trustworthy guides to what constitutes humanhood than any biological structure or psychological capacity.
Therefore, if we could elevate the "interest" view to a transcendental level, it would have superb philosophical potential for defining humanhood.
This definition of humanhood has advantages that can be specified.
Defining humanhood to have begun at the end of the first rather than at the end of the second trimester--as did Roe v.
71) The second part of my argument focused on the implications of those theoretical concerns for the question of the definition of humanhood in the context of contemporary biotechnical possibilities.
I argued that humanhood does not emerge until we can detect "brain birth," i.