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bunny hug

1. A sweatshirt with a hood and large front pockets. The term is not used outside the province of Saskatchewan in Canada. Primarily heard in Canada. I love this bunny hug, it's so warm and comfortable.
2. A ballroom dance characterized by a syncopated, ragtime rhythm, popular in the US in the early 1900s. Primarily heard in US, South Africa. Although it's not as popular as other dances anymore, I still enjoy doing the bunny hug.
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bear hug

A strong and often immobilizing type of embrace. Jane was so excited to see her dad for the first time since his military deployment, she ran to him, wrapped her arms around him, and gave him a long bear hug.
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commode-hugging drunk

slang Intoxicated to the point of vomiting. (A commode is a toilet, which one may "hug" while vomiting into it.) I found Henry sleeping on the bathroom floor, so he must have been commode-hugging drunk last night.
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commode-hugging drunk

Sl. heavily alcohol intoxicated; drunk and vomiting. Willie got commode-hugging drunk in the space of two hours.
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commode-hugging drunk

mod. heavily alcohol intoxicated; drunk and vomiting. I could tell by the sounds coming from the bathroom that Ernie had come home commode-hugging drunk again.
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hug the porcelain god(dess)

and hug the throne
tv. to vomit; to vomit while holding on to the toilet seat. By “hug the porcelain god” I assume you are referring to vomiting into the toilet bowl? The girls drank a lot of beer and two of them spent the night hugging the porcelain god.
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hug the throne

See also: hug, throne

hug the porcelain god

See also: god, hug, porcelain
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Australian researchers have also discovered people who hug more often recover from heart attacks more easily than those who don't have much physical contact with others.
Two professors from the Baylor University in Waco, Texas, have dedicated a large part of the careers to the study of the male hug.
In this regard, fate has presented Hug with a number of real gifts, above all the work of Belgians Christine Felten and Veronique Massinger, whose extraordinary panoramic landscape photographs were made with a van converted into a giant pinhole camera.
Suddenly men find it uncomfortable, especially if they are being asked to hug another man.
We brought old cuts and healed gashes home from school or camp in the hopes that someone would touch, kiss, or hug them.
Perhaps, he suggested, we could offer T-shirts that said: Don't Hug on Me or Untouchable or Unclean or something.
We wanted to build on the success of the Hug brand by providing a delicious new product that would be a great value to moms and dads.
However, the famous hug was back in the limelight yet again at the recent Zee Cine Awards, as show hosts Abhishek and Riteish jested on the topic.
Pat appears at the Old Joint Stock Theatre as part of the city-wide Birmingham Comedy Festival where he promises a few hugs.
Youngsters took to the hotseat in the Metrocentre yesterday to enter the competition, by describing what a hug means to them.
We didn't think many people would want to hug two middle aged Welsh men.
During his visit to the US, he enveloped Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg in a massive hug and reprised the embrace with President Barack Obama in New York.