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Huff is represented by the Fayetteville law firm of Everett Wales & Comstock.
So for the photos Huff took before 1978, "the law is going to favor Wal-Mart," Shipley predicted.
That depends, he said, on Huff being able to establish that her father-in-law and late husband were independent contractors, he said.
HUFF will also receive a great deal of SHOWTIME on-air support.
In addition, SHOWTIME screened the pilot of HUFF at the Chicago Film Festival and had Azaria work the festival's red carpet.
The network has also joined forces with National Amusements for a sweepstakes in which the winners will receive tickets to a premiere screening of HUFF.
Tactics include DRTV spots, radio spots, letter packages, interviews with HUFF talent in customer newsletters, HUFF screenings, affiliate incentives and more.
Charter Communications will support the series by running national tune- in, through a Showtime on Demand campaign which offers a chance to win a trip to visit the HUFF production set, and at retail.