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howl at someone or something

1. Lit. [for a canine] to bay at someone or something. The dog howls at me when I play the trumpet. The wolves howled at the moon and created a terrible uproar.
2. and hoot at someone or something Fig. to yell out at someone or something. The audience howled at the actors and upset them greatly. We hooted at the singer until he stopped.
3. Fig. to laugh very hard at someone or something. Everyone just howled at Tom's joke. I howled at the story Alice told.
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howl someone down

 and hoot someone down
Fig. to yell at or boo someone's performance; to force someone to stop talking by yelling or booing. The audience howled the inept magician down. They howled down the musician.
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howl with something

to yell or holler because of something, such as pain. Roger howled with pain as the needle went into his arm. Mary howled with grief when she saw what had happened to her roses.
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bay at the moon


howl at the moon

If you bay at the moon or howl at the moon, you waste your time and energy trying to do something which is impossible or trying to get something which you cannot have. You're looking for the perfect man and he doesn't exist. You're baying at the moon.
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bay at the moon

clamour or make an outcry to no effect.
The barking of dogs at a full moon has been a metaphor for futile activity since the mid 17th century.
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1. n. something funny. What a howl the surprise party turned out to be when the guest of honor didn’t show up.
2. in. to laugh very hard. Everybody howled at my mistake.
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when the wolves actually howled, I was just too excited to feel any fear.
THE WIND NEVER HOWLED LIKE NEVER BEFORE The wind howled like Never before And we were blown Still like statues And we held the Car doors like Robots and crossed The High Bridge To get back home The wind howled Through the night I felt like a kite I was upside down And I had a frown On my face It wasn''t like me To be afraid I Was working with the Wind and I was In training for a Severe winter The wind howled And it began to talk It said, I can bend And break and throw Things into the sky" KENNETH MOOD, Swalwell, Gateshead
Punishing winds from Irene howled over Turks and Caicos on Tuesday and the sparsely populated islands of the south eastern Bahamas as residents huddled in darkened homes, hotels and public buildings.
bitches howled so loud, Neighbour served neighbour complaint.
Catherine, who was 18 weeks pregnant, said: "I just howled and howled.
Senior environmental health officer at the council Edward Vandyck said noise monitoring showed the dogs howled several times a week at night.
Every time the band played, Rusty howled right along
There I howled my primal howl, howling as a beast howls until my cry scraped like brick against brick.
They wandered the lot with their sturdy beasts, who amiably sniffed one another or howled, brayed and barked with loud, basso announcements that echoed off neighboring buildings.
The dog howled and barked while a distracted Clive tried to concentrate on his driving.
Scott Bower, 26, and Benjamin Lewis were joined by Lewis's girlfriend Natalie Gibson, 19, who allegedly howled like a wolf from a graveyard close to the vicarage.
I offered a howl to her and she raised her nose and howled at the roof.