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bay at the moon

To make appeals in vain. Good luck talking to the principal, but I think you'll just be baying at the moon—I doubt you'll get a better grade.
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howl like a banshee

To scream, howl, or screech in a very loud, high-pitched, and unsettling manner. Some animal has been howling like a banshee in the alleyway all night long. Kids, stop howling like a banshees back there! I need to focus on driving and I can barely hear myself think!
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let out (some sound)

To utter some loud, forceful sound. I let out a shriek when the dog suddenly jumped on me. The lion let out an intimidating roar.
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howl at someone or something

1. Lit. [for a canine] to bay at someone or something. The dog howls at me when I play the trumpet. The wolves howled at the moon and created a terrible uproar.
2. and hoot at someone or something Fig. to yell out at someone or something. The audience howled at the actors and upset them greatly. We hooted at the singer until he stopped.
3. Fig. to laugh very hard at someone or something. Everyone just howled at Tom's joke. I howled at the story Alice told.
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howl someone down

 and hoot someone down
Fig. to yell at or boo someone's performance; to force someone to stop talking by yelling or booing. The audience howled the inept magician down. They howled down the musician.
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howl with something

to yell or holler because of something, such as pain. Roger howled with pain as the needle went into his arm. Mary howled with grief when she saw what had happened to her roses.
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bay at the moon


howl at the moon

If you bay at the moon or howl at the moon, you waste your time and energy trying to do something which is impossible or trying to get something which you cannot have. You're looking for the perfect man and he doesn't exist. You're baying at the moon.
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bay at the moon

clamour or make an outcry to no effect.
The barking of dogs at a full moon has been a metaphor for futile activity since the mid 17th century.
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1. n. something funny. What a howl the surprise party turned out to be when the guest of honor didn’t show up.
2. in. to laugh very hard. Everybody howled at my mistake.
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Fred Harrington, a wolf howl expert at Mount Saint Vincent University in Canada, said howls can be aggressive or lonesome and can also vary depending on which other pack members are around.
The dogs who howl when separated from their owners are usually one of the breeds I mentioned who have retained or been selected for howling.
We classified the recorded coyote responses as a bark, bark-howl, lone howl, group howl or group-yip howl (Lehner 1978) and whether responses were from individual coyotes or groups ([greater than or equal to] 2 coyotes).
This aspect is lost to some extent in Hayao Miyazaki's film, where Howl, voiced by Christian Bale in the English version, is far more straight forwardly debonair and heroic; also, there are far fewer feisty females.
Unlike the average courtroom drama, Howl contains no dramatic Perry Mason reversals, no smoking gun, and the case isn't cheapened by making certain figures cartoonish prudes and others noble defenders of freedom.
While the poem "Howl" said so many things about America and Howl the film says so much about America then and now, the greatness in this film lies in the fact that the filmmakers managed to capture both Ginsberg and "Howl" at its vital essence: the voice of desire and fulfillment, of communication and acknowledgment, by and for those who have been ignored or ostracized by society.
Strangely enough, however, Howl Griff is at its best not during the slow tracks, but the faster-paced ones.
Just touch a button to shut off the sound of long, annoying commercials," a 1957 print ad for the Space Command exclaimed, and if you listened closely in those moments of silence, you could detect the faint howls of advertisers and programming executives all across the land.
It's hard to believe this coming April marks ten years since Allen Ginsberg's death, and maybe even harder to believe that November 2006 is the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Howl, the poem that changed American poetry and, in some ways, American life forever.
Jenny Manley, who owns the Howling Dog Kennels in Hythe, Hampshire, has 24 Siberian huskies that howl in the open.
She develops a crush on the handsome young Howl (Christian Bale) but then is transformed by a jealous witch's curse into a wrinkled 90-year-old (Jean Simmons).
The voice of the lead male character Howl is supplied by Christian Bale, 31, star of the upcoming film ''Batman Begins.
The story is set in a world of science and witchcraft and centers on a romance between a sorcerer named Howl and 18-year-old Sophie, who is turned into an old crone by magic.
to the church when a sound began emanating from the streets of Elmira, Ontario, a sound every ounce as reverential as the lonely howl of a bugle.
We howl about the increasing ease with which government at all levels takes away the public's right to know under the guise of making people safer.