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however much

No matter how much. However much it might embarrass you, you're taking your little sister to that concert!
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as much as

1. this or almost this amount These drugs can lead to as much as a 30 percent increase in sleep interruption.
2. to the same degree as People who live with this plant consider it a friend as much as a foe.
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as much as

1. The same quantity as. As with as many (def. 2), the meaning of much as a large amount here is qualified by what follows. For example, Please help yourself to as much of the meant as you want indicates whatever amount you wish. [Late 1100s]
2. Also, however much, much as. Even though, no matter how much, as in As much as I hate to, I must stay home tonight, or However much it hurts, you ought to admit you were wrong, or Much as Karen would love to see us, she can't get out of her prior commitment. [Late 1500s]
3. Also, so much as. In effect, nearly the same as, as in Mom as much as told Jane she couldn't go, or The clerk so much as accused the customer of shoplifting. These expressions intensify the meaning of the verb and indicate that the action is unexpected. [Late 1300s]
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It seems, however, that I have unconsciously stumbled upon the truth.
It was so old, however, that he feared his people might have left the neighborhood; driven off, perhaps by some of those war parties which were on the prowl.
Some of the trappers, however, pursued their vocations about the neighboring streams.
This is only my own supposition, however, for as to all their strange conduct, it is still a mystery.
They were resolute, however, and launched their boat, while the wary chieftain followed at some short distance in his canoe.
A few articles, however, could not be found genuine at Vanity Fair.
She was dressed, however, in exquisite taste-- and then I had no doubt that she had captivated my friend's heart by the more enduring graces of the intellect and soul.
The matter passed, however, and my father entered into possession of the estate, and of some 14,000 pounds, which lay to his credit at the bank.
1) However we may increase our knowledge of the conditions of space in which man is situated, that knowledge can never be complete, for the number of those conditions is as infinite as the infinity of space.
She may justly feel, as part at least of the reward of a labour which must have occupied much time, so many of the freshest hours of mind and spirit, that she has done something to help her author in the achievement of his, however discouraged still irrepressible, desire, by giving additional currency to a book which the best sort of readers will recognize as an excellent and certainly very versatile companion, not to be forgotten.
Hence when an organ, however abnormal it may be, has been transmitted in approximately the same condition to many modified descendants, as in the case of the wing of the bat, it must have existed, according to my theory, for an immense period in nearly the same state; and thus it comes to be no more variable than any other structure.
However, I didn't feel as if I were in deep water at first.
If, however, thou wilt give unto them, give them no more than an alms, and let them also beg for it
I admit, however, that he made me sit up for the time being.
Before daybreak, however, they were up and on their way once more.