How's this/that for (something)?

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How's this/that for (something)?

What do you think of this or that example of something? Isn't this/that exemplary of something? Can be used to highlight something that is either negative or positive. A: "Now, how's this for a steak dinner?" B: "Wow, it looks delicious, I can't believe you cooked this all on your own!" Look at the neighbor's flashy new sports car—how that for a midlife crisis?
See also: that, this

how's that

Also, how's that again. What did you say? Please repeat it. For example, How's that? I didn't quite hear you.
See also: that

how’s ˈthis/ˈthat for a...?

(informal) used for asking for somebody’s reaction to something: ‘How’s that for a surprise present?’ ‘It looks wonderful. Thank you!’‘Well, how’s that for bad hotel service?’ ‘Unbelievable.’
See also: that, this
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Well, how's this for a reform: A comprehensive decentralization of how the state raises and spends its money, with municipal governments keeping more of their own local tax contributions, and the lobbyists removed from the equation.
How's this for an exhibition idea: "Touched by Human Hands: All the Art Ever Made by Anyone Anywhere, 30,000 B.
After the recent litany of journalistic lapses, how's this for good news about the profession: Deni Allen, 22, the University of Missouri journalism grad who captured Mark McGwire's 60th home run ball, promptly returned it to the St.
How's this for the plot of a Broadway show: First of all, it's about two women who are inseparable.
How's this for a possible semifinal matchup: Ventura's 3,300-yard man, RB Tyler Ebell, running into the jaws of a Westlake defense that has allowed no more than 68 rushing yards per game.
How's this for a boost of holiday cheer: Shaquille O'Neal, back on the gym floor, practicing in full drills with his Lakers teammates.
On the road again: How's this for confidence: The Bruins are looking forward to their upcoming road trip to Washington and Washington State.