how's that

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How's that?

1. Please repeat what you said; I didn't understand or hear you. A: "Do you need anything from the shop?" B: "How's that? Sorry, the oven fan was too loud." A: "So as you can see, the third-quarter dividends represent a large margin of improvement over this time last year." B: "How's that? I didn't follow."
2. Why is that the case? A: "I think you may need to plan a different way of getting to the airport tomorrow." B: "How's that?" A: "The highway is going to be closed for construction all week."

how's this/that for (something)?

What do you think of this or that example of something? Isn't this/that exemplary of something? Can be used to highlight something that is either negative or positive. A: "Now, how's this for a steak dinner?" B: "Wow, it looks delicious, I can't believe you cooked this all on your own!" Look at the neighbor's flashy new sports car—how that for a midlife crisis?
See also: that, this

how's that

Also, how's that again. What did you say? Please repeat it. For example, How's that? I didn't quite hear you.
See also: that