household name

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household name

A person, thing, or brand that has become widely popular or commonly known. Because it has made reliable and affordable household appliances for over a decade, the company has become a household name. I knew that winning at the Olympics would change my life, but I didn't realize that I would become a household name!
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*a household name

 and *a household word
Fig. well known by everyone; commonly and widely known. (*Typically: be ~; become ~; make something ~.) I want my invention to become a household word. Some kid named Perry Hodder has become a household name!
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a household name

COMMON If a someone or something is a household name, they are famous or known by many people. In one week, I will have become a household name to every man on Earth. They aim to make Tesco a household name in their country.
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a ˌhousehold ˈname/ˈword

a name/word that is extremely well known: The business she founded made her into a household name.Microsoft is a household name.
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He said: "If we get one household name to take part of the property, we think there will be a boost not just in footfall but also in terms of attracting other traders to the building.
Rapper Tinchy Stryder may not have been a household name for very long, but the star reckons he is so famous now that even going out for a meal is hard.
Chris, of Prudhoe, Northumberland, said: "She's done exactly what she wrote in her diary - become a household name - and I'm so proud of her.
I'm flattered by the attention, but being a household name will only last a minute,'' Mirren said.
Although not a household name in America, the British journalist's many decades as a BBC interviewer have made him one of the best known news commentators worldwide.
A household name in domestic fuel has been saved from extinction by its Welsh competitor.
Lord Scarman became a household name when he conducted the inquiry into the 1981 Brixton riots.
Frank Kern isn't a household name, but he's built an e-mail subscriber list of more than one million people, created more than 6,000 affiliates and attracted more than 20,000 paying customers.
Though a household name for decades, this famously private man has so successfully eluded journalists and biographers that to this day no one can say for sure where he lives.
CHILEAN SALMON FILLETS HAVE FOUND A PLACE ON tables around the world during the past decade, but Mainstream Salmones, Latin America's hottest growth company, is hardly a household name.
It is therefore injurious that Mr Carson should fail to recognise him and give him the credit he deserved, which could in turn make him a household name.
MARK Benton may not be a household name to E Thompson of Billingham (Not A Household Name In My Home, 27.
To reach as many people as possible and become a household name in the art world.
This companion to the television show offers a sneak peak into the groundbreaking series that made its mark from 1959-1964, dealt with alienation and fear, and made Rod Serling a household name.
However, it comes with a huge task: making Amtrak, the struggling national railroad with crippling financial woes, into a household name synonymous with convenient and comfortable travel.
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