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In one of the lodges of the park--that lodge within sight of the house where, once upon a time, when the waters were out down in Lincolnshire, my Lady used to see the keeper's child--the stalwart man, the trooper formerly, is housed.
Her great propellers had been drawn and housed during our descent of the shaft and in their place had been run out the smaller but more powerful water propellers.
Gania and his mother went to live with Varia and Ptitsin immediately after the latter's wedding, while the general was housed in a debtor's prison by reason of certain IOU's given to the captain's widow under the impression that they would never be formally used against him.
Without another glance in the direction of Astok she turned, and taking Carthoris' proffered hand, moved slowly toward the massive marble pile that housed the ruler of Ptarth and his glittering court.
Oh, I hope I should be able to get the people well housed in Lowick
Instead, she dressed quietly and went to the hangar upon the roof of the palace directly above her quarters where her own swift flier was housed.
The Malay was thinking fast, and could von Horn have guessed what thoughts raced through the tortuous channels of that semi-barbarous brain he would have wished himself safely housed in the American prison where he belonged.
A fat, unwholesome - looking creature, half native, half Belgian, waddled across the open space towards the hut in which the two strangers had been housed.