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To travel as fast as one can, usually by walking or running. We need to hotfoot it out of here before mom catches us going through her things!

hotfoot it (off to) (somewhere)

to go somewhere as fast as possible. I've got to hotfoot it off to school. When they heard the police sirens, the thieves hotfooted home.
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hotfoot it out of (somewhere)

to run away from a place. Did you see Tom hotfoot it out of the office when the boss came in? Things are looking bad. I think we had better hotfoot it out of here.
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hotfoot it

Go in haste, walk fast or run. For example, I'll have to hotfoot it to the airport if I'm to meet them. [Slang; c. 1900]
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ˈhotfoot it

(informal) walk or run somewhere quickly: Once the police arrived, we hotfooted it out of there.
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Enraged, Eileen hotfoots it to the village and dramatically destroys Sioned's big moment in front of everyone.
SNAPPER Andy Biggs; MANE EVENT A lion lazes against a huge African sky; SANDS OF TIME Huge dunes dwarf a pair of bare trees; IT'S A WRAP Two elephants get all tied up at the trunk; ZEBRAS CROSSING A stripey herd go on the collective charge; IT'S SPOTTED A leopard hotfoots it down a tree Pictures: BARCROFTMEDIA
2 Vijay Singh (left) hotfoots it from Hawaii following two solid US Tour efforts and heads the betting in a stellar field, ahead of world No.
shootout before he hotfoots it back to Miami to help find missing CSI, Calleigh (Emily Procter).
Nick Faldo The golfing ace hotfoots it to the top of the Come Dancing leader board with his barefoot birdie dance
Rowan escapes her sleepy Highland home and hotfoots it to the bright lights of London - only to be double-crossed by her flatmate and forced to return north of the border.